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My experience with ACT was AMAZING! I really wanted to study abroad so I scrolled through all the programs that my home institution was advertising. I picked this one the second I saw it, without even considering another program and I’m so glad that I chose ACT. I learned so much not only in class, but also outside of class from the additional field trips that they offered every weekend (my favorites were hiking to the top Mount Olympus and visiting the Acropolis in Athens). There was always something to do. Studying here made learning so much fun!
My professor was very passionate and knowledgable about what he was teaching. He always made sure we understood what he was teaching before moving on to another subject. My class was on the Apostle Paul so it was really neat when our professor would take us on field trips so we could learn about something where it took places and visit places where Apostle Paul actually was! 
All of the ACT faculty and staff that I encountered were very kind and eager to help. It was easy to tell that they really wanted every study enrolled in the program to get the most out of their experience.
This program has certainly made a lasting impression on my life. I made so many new friends and so many new memories. If you’re considering studying abroad, I would HIGHLY recommend choosing the program at ACT!

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