Thessaloniki Study Abroad in Greece with American College
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Thessaloniki Study Abroad in Greece with American College

For the student seeking a unique and immersive study abroad experience, the American College of Thessaloniki in Greece is the ideal destination. Thessaloniki is the ‘road less taken’, a culturally intact city, small, diverse, youthful, at the crossroads of east and west and the gateway to Southeastern Europe. With a small student body comprised of 50% Greeks and international students from over 30 countries as well as a plethora of community outreach opportunities, visiting students find a valuable cultural immersion experience at ACT.

Students will be given plenty of time to experience all the excitement of Greek culture with trips to Athens and other ancient sites as well as local tours and community activities to get involved with the local life. Live the Mediterranean lifestyle for a summer, a semester, or even a full year with combination semesters also available.

Courses offered in Humanities, Business, Technology, General Studies, Sea Sailing and more.

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  • Fun 9.1
  • Housing 8.3
  • Safety 9.6
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End to an amazing chapter in my life

It was absolutely the most amazing experience I've ever had in my life. It opened me to new friendships as well as a new culture. I put myself in uncomfortable situations like asking a local Greek how to get somewhere with very poor/limited Greek speaking skills. This allowed me to get comfortable speaking Greek little by little. The American College of Thessaloniki is a small school, which is good because it helps form a closer bond to your classmates/locals.

How can this program be improved?

This program can be improved by providing a better bus schedule. Perhaps one that runs at more times, which would be convenient for students going to and coming back from school. Also, the food choices at school are very limited.

Yes, I recommend
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Abroad in Greece

I loved studying abroad in Greece. ACT was smaller than expected and the academics not that challenging. However, I met many people from around the Balkans, traveled all over Europe, and explored other areas of Greece! Its important to know and understand that Greece is in an economic crisis so Thessaloniki is not super clean and shiny (some closed businesses, stray animals). However, I loved Thessaloniki and think it is still a super awesome city. Lots of students, incredible food, a beautiful boardwalk, and sunny weather! I learned how to sail, climbed Mount Olympus, relaxed in hot springs, and gained so much weight from delicious food - I definitely recommend studying abroad in Thessaloniki.

Yes, I recommend
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Summer in Greece

I am an international student in Boston so I am already studying abroad but this program particularly offers a different experience that any I had before. I liked how the classes were structure, very intense and dynamic in 5 weeks I was able to speak the basic of Greek language. We had opportunities to explore learning experiences outside the classroom in the city with local people helping on the learning proccess. I also really loved how the institution had trips and programs optional available every weekend panned ahead, I think it was a great way for us to get to know the culture and the country in a unique way.

How can this program be improved?

I think I would add more beach trips to the program and have more options for the bus schedulles to and from campus to the dorms.

Yes, I recommend
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Unforgettable Greece

Although this was not my first time abroad, it was my first time studying abroad and it couldn't have went any better! I enjoyed the classes, the weather, the culture, and all of the activities that were available during my free time. The ACT staff was more than helpful, and they even helped me organize a winery tour for the group that hadn't been pre-planned. For my first experience, I am extremely satisfied and it is not something I will ever forget!

How can this program be improved?

The majority of the activities were not planned, and we were all under the impression that a bit more of the cost was going to be covered (food wise) during the planned excursions.

Yes, I recommend
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Summer Program at ACT

I loved my study abroad experience at ACT and am so happy I chose to study in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, Greece! The staff and the classes have helped me grow as an individual, and through the structure of the program I got to become a more independent and well-rounded person. I also got to gain a new perspective on my home culture from a global context, and have developed a greater understanding of my family's heritage.

Yes, I recommend
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First Time Abroad

Having this been my first time abroad, I did not know what to think. But choosing Greece was definitely the right decision. I made a ton of friends, got to visit some of the islands, and most importantly, took classes that would help me understand, reflect, and appreciate the time I spent here! All of the staff is extremely helpful, most of them go out of their way for just about anything. Thank you ACT, you made Greece truly an amazing experience for me! <3

How can this program be improved?

The housing. We only have 2 washers for 7 floors of people.

Yes, I recommend
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Great Experience

I loved studying abroad in Thessaloniki. The local people are so nice and welcoming. Living in the middle of Thessaloniki forces you to get out of your comfort zone and learn more about the culture. The ACT program was well organized and extremely helpful! The classes and campus were great as well. All of the people in my program were nice and became some of my really good friends. Greece is amazing and I would definitely recommend going.

How can this program be improved?

More busing to campus

Yes, I recommend
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Go Abroad in Greece!

I loved my experience at the American College of Thessaloniki! I had never even heard of the city of Thessaloniki before I decided to study here, but I couldn't have picked a better place to study. The city is full of students and young people, meaning that there is always something fun to do. It's the second-largest in Greece, but doesn't feel too crowded or touristy, which is important in order to feel fully immersed in the culture. I made some amazing friends and had the opportunity to participate in activities such as canyoning on Mt. Olympus, scuba diving in Halkidiki, touring Athens and Delphi, and visiting Meteora (due to the programs offered at ACT). While I did not believe that the academics were as rigorous as they might be back home, experiencing classes with students from all over the Balkans taught me more about life and culture than any class could. I highly recommend studying abroad in Thessaloniki through ACT.

Yes, I recommend
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Traveling & Culture experience

My semester abroad at ACT was an amazing opportunity to experience Greek culture and travel around Europe. The classes were pretty easy, honestly, but I was fine with that because it meant I got to travel on the weekends without stressing out, and really take advantage of all the things the city had to offer (including its amazing night life!). The school also offers trips almost every weekend to places such as Athens and Delphi, and activities such as canyoning and scuba diving. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to experience Greek culture and history and also have the opportunity to travel around the rest of Europe.

Yes, I recommend
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Freshman First Year Abroad- A way to start your adventure off with a whole new world!

When I found this program at Ole Miss, I knew it was meant to be, but I could have never imagined how truly rewarding the experience would turn out.

Daily, I'm introduced and shown things that could never just be described with words. I have fallen in love with Greece and her people, I can't imagine leaving! This has shaped me into a more independent person and has increased my self confidence a huge amount. I am finally really proud of myself for something.

The hardest part is obvious, there are times when I want nothing more than to be back home with familiar faces (and be able to read the street signs). But whenever I feel the homesickness creeping in, I take a walk through the beautiful city and stop by one of the HUNDREDS of delicious and cheap sweet shops. Your tastebuds will quickly get spoiled to all the fresh food here; nothing holds a candle to the bread!

All in all, this is the best experience I have ever had and can foresee having for a long time. You aren't just on vacation, you are LIVING in a paradise. Explore it, make friends from around the country, and, above all else, have the adventure of a lifetime!

Yes, I recommend

About American College of Thessaloniki

For the student seeking a unique study abroad site in Greece, the American College of Thessaloniki is ideal. Thessaloniki is the ‘road less taken’, a culturally intact city, small, diverse, youthful, at the crossroads of east and west and the gateway...