Exceptional Program, Exceeded Expectations

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

I applied to Red Tree Study's film program around October when I saw a flier at my school. I had decided I wanted to go abroad several months earlier, and when I saw film internships abroad explicitly advertised for me I figured I might as well apply. My application went through quickly, and the communication throughout the process was wonderful. Once I was accepted, I weighed my offer against a couple other programs I had applied for. However, the other programs seemed to be about making a profit more than helping me as a student. Red Tree was great at not only helping me find an internship, but helping me find a company that suited what I was looking for. I found Red Tree's prices to be exceptional given that housing and essentially all logistical details (save airfare and food) were included. I decided to accept my offer. I was really only expecting Red Tree to be a safety net for me in Colombia, helping me figure out the country and culture but being hands off. I was quite surprised that the social planning put together by the coordinators was fun and malleable based on the feedback of my group. I found a real community with the other film students, and Red Tree was a huge part of my time being well spent in Colombia. The programming was also not overbearing, if I wasn't feeling up to an event there was never any pressure to go or do anything I didn't feel like. The coordinators were helpful and indelible to my experience in Bogotá, and I would really recomend this program to anybody who is looking for a film internship abroad. I also heard good things about their other programs from my friends, though I can only speak to my experience within the film program.

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