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I find myself in awe... with every new person I meet and new place I see. I’m overwhelmed by the grace I’ve been given. Lately it’s evident through Peruvians and fellow world travelers. I’ve accidentally fallen into a gracious stranger’s lap on the bus, had an adorable girl (in one of the poorest school districts in Pachacútec) offer me her snack, came home to clean sheets and been referred to as family by everyone. I’ve met such genuine, kind people who are full of love.

I’m thankful for my rambunctious housemates who’ve become family. I’m thankful for the unbound sea, broad mountains and restless sand dunes. I’m thankful for the quiet moments that I’ve had with Jesus. I’m thankful for the sweet kids who’ve let us practice medicine on them. They’ve taught me not only valuable medical skills, but also humorously improved my Spanish. I’ve seen Christ in so many different lights. This trip has been full of surreal memory-making moments. Yet it has taught me time and time again: life is about the little things.
So here I am blessed to be a little person; everyday I’m just trying to spread more love in this great, big world. If you’d like to hear some stories, please ask me about Peru! “Traveling is an investment that makes us feel alive.”

What would you improve about this program?
The medical program could use a partnership with a doctor and set schedules every week.
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Yes, I would
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