Childcare in LAOS

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I started the childcare program in LAOS on July 23,2018 and lasted for 2 weeks.
The first week is about orientation and learning. We learnt language (LAO &greeting gestures), cooking (fried spring rolls), Buddhism culture in LAOS (seeing the temples and do the obeisance and meditation), and the childcare program internship.
We started the childcaring formally the second week. We teach them English in the morning including numbers, alphabets, colors, body parts, clothes, months and weekdays. They are easily learning but as well as forgetting, so it’s OK to repeat to make them more familiar. And we also invent some learning games such as circle the number and point out the colors. Different lessons should be prepared for different ages. Songs are really good to make kids concentrate and happy. Try body-part song and wheels on the bus song. They love dancing and singing. At 10:30, kids have their first lunch. We just help the older kids wash hands and feed the youngers. Then play again till 11:30, when they go to bed. We go to the school again at 1:30 to wake them up and help them to take off clothes before shower and dress them after shower. Then feed them the second lunch and make hair for girls. The afternoon is the game time and don’t worry they can’t understand the rules when trying a new game, they can play well after 2~3 rounds later. They are really clever. At about 3:30pm we leave, and the parents come to pick them up.
The kids are so different so be patient with everyone. Some of them are outgoing, he or she can hug you the first day but some are really shy. If he/she wants to be alone, just let him/her go. And he/she will be fine later.
The teachers and the local team members can translate and assist you so don’t worry about the language.
And the great part besides childcare is meeting friends. The volunteers come from different countries and culture and become friends. We made the weekend travel plan to Vangvieng and prepare the class (always drawing) or playing in the evening. I was so lucky to meet these guys and hope wo can see each other again in the future.

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Thank you guys for all you've done for me and I do appreciate what you are doing right now. Respect.