Studying Music in Milano

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My time studying Milan, Italy with IES Abroad was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Many music students don't think study abroad is possible due to the rigid course programs set by their home schools, but IES abroad Milan- Music: Tradition and Innovation makes it possible by being extremely customizable. I was able to work one on one with an Italian professor toward fulfilling a music theory credit required by my home university and got a unique perspective while doing so.

Not only does the IES Abroad Milan staff do a great job of finding amazing teachers to work with their music students, but they do an amazing job of placing students in great living situations. There are options to live with Italian host families or to stay in beautiful apartments, most of which are right in the middle of the city. I personally stayed with an extraordinary family that took me in as one of their own and taught me how to live life at a slower pace and how to truly appreciate the small things in life. Most importantly, my host family taught me the importance of bilingualism. My host dad didn't speak the best English, but on nights where it was just him and I for dinner, we were able to have full conversations using my broken Italian and his broken English. It was a beautiful example of how learning just a little bit of another language can connect you with people you would have otherwise never been able to connect with.

Milan is a city rich in culture and especially music as it is home to many amazing composers and the world renowned Teatro alla Scala. I saw many beautifully staged operas there thanks to the IES Abroad Milan and the classes I was taking. I was also able to see my favorite opera singer in recital while I lived there which was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will cherish forever.

If you are a music student interested in studying abroad, I would say definitely look into IES Abroad Milan- Music: Tradition and Innovation as they can offer a customizable experience that surrounds you with knowledgeable professors in a city that is rich with music and culture where you can further invest in your future as a musician.

How can this program be improved?
The only thing I can say that would need to be "fixed" would be communication to the music students and timing of planning. However, that is coming from an American point of view where we expect events and rehearsals to be communicated way in advance, but what I learned in my time living as an Italian would things are slower to come to fruition and more times than not are put together at the last minute. There was definitely a learning curve when it came to this.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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