Just the Beginning!

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I really enjoyed my time in Granada for a few different reasons. I visited and lived in one of the coolest parts of Spain for a semester; getting to know the people, places, and history surrounding Andalucía. I learned how to speak better Spanish, I met very amazing Spanish people, ate tapas, and visited many different sites. In terms of academics, I took five courses and all but one was taught in Spanish. In some of the classes I learned about the history of Sephardic Jews, Flamenco, and how universities like UGR utilize technology for different social causes. One of my favorite aspects of this program was the different excursions that we were able to participate in. We had about five excursions during the semester that were free to IES students. During these trips we went on hikes, tours of different Cathedrals, museums, and old sites. I also loved being able to get to know the city of Granada itself. I walked nearly everywhere; to the Albycin, the Alhambra, and cafes. There were so many different places to visit- and most in walking distance. But it also wasn't hard to get to visit other cities from Granada- you could take a day trip to another major city using an ALSA bus, which was cheap and convenient. The community in Granada was pretty laid back and fun, I made some really great friends with Spanish university students, other IES students, and also my host mom! I think one of my favorite memories was being able to participate in the open mics that IES put on. I was able to practice, have jam sessions, and conversations with IES and local university students. From this experience, I got to know the people in Granada and felt more connected to the community there. Overall, I really enjoyed my time in Spain and I consider it as just the beginning of my adventures in Spain!

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