Special Needs in Kenya

Impact: 10
Support: 9
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I had a wonderful experience in Kenya with IVHQ. I was there for four weeks and volunteered with the special needs program. While it's not required on the website or through IVHQ to have experience, I highly suggest only doing the special needs program if you do as there isn't specific training for working with kids with special needs during orientation and some of the placements are very challenging. The classroom I taught in had 43 students with moderate to intensive special needs and only two teachers! I am a special education teacher, so while I was definitely overwhelmed the first day, I was able to jump in and adapt quickly. Others who were in the special needs program without any prior experience were very overwhelmed and ended up switching placements. There isn't any training as it relates to teaching during orientation.

Overall my time with IVHQ was incredible! My placement was AMAZING and the kids absolutely stole my heart! I still keep in touch with the teacher at the school as well as others I met in Kenya. The staff on site in Kenya were so kind, personable and easy to reach for any sort of help. I would definitely travel with IVHQ again.

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