One day,l take my bag and arrive a new place to have a new studying time , see different scenery, meet different people, and feel different life

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As an international student ( Study Abroad Program),I came to the New Zealand and began a new studying period time in the University of Auckland.

1. Beautiful scenery
I enjoyed every weekend to explore New Zealand. Every day trip made me feel so different and amazing. I have never imagined that one day I will arrive in such a beautiful land.Its unbelievable beauty cannot be described by any words and even made me feel hard to breathe.

2. Active body
There are so many activities in UOA that I even need to make notes to select them! Different parties and activities ,different sports competition, different training lessons in university's gym!

3.focused mind
I just remember the first lesson in one of my courses, I have a quiz.Yes, during the weekdays, it is always so busy .But I really like this teaching method.The teacher pay attention to teach us how to learn but instead of just giving us the knowledge.For example, in my Strategic Business lessons, this course has two facets—a weekly quiz (to ensure that I have studied the assigned readings) and a weekly case discussion period (to develop my ability to apply the ideas about which I have read). This means that I should have studied the assigned readings before taking the quiz. After the quiz, there will be a discussion of the ideas and issues raised by the students regarding the readings.I need to have a focused mind to learn how to learn when I study and there is no doubt that it is really important for me.

So lucky I am to possess such a golden time to experience everything in the University of Auckland!Maybe that is LIFE. Study abroad Program let me believe life is a wonderful journey.The attraction of life is that we will never know which guy we will meet when we turn the corner, how amazing scenery we will see, and when and how the adventure will begin.

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