I think you’ll love this opportunity!

Impact: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

This program is not your typical “save the world” type.. Friends for Asia provides an experience where the goal and ideal is very real and tangible. Service and not saving; teaching and instructing English so these individuals (children in our case) can have an invaluable skill in their future. Of course, you know all this from FFA’s spiel on their site..
But I just want to share my thoughts on my volunteer experience.

First off, it proved to be a great way to travel and experience the Thai culture in a more immersive fashion. We had done the tourist thing a few weeks before our program and I promise you that volunteering was more rewarding in the long run. The connections we built with the children and teachers was priceless. We still talk about the friendly welcome they gave us and all the places they brought us!
Also, the experience YOU get instructing is a really eye-opening and challenging opportunity. We had to learn to control the classroom and establish rules. We came up with lesson plans and activities to keep them occupied and learning English. You will have to learn to cross the social borders without understanding the verbal language. In the process, I learned that people (especially children with a ton of energy!) really don’t need a common language to find stuff in common.. It’s crazy hectic but amazing!
Friends for Asia provided a way for me to learn these lessons, get this experience, build these bonds and legitimately serve others.
If you are looking for a good volunteer program in Thailand - I recommend FFA.

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