The best 3 weeks!

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I spent three weeks in Phang Nga and it was the best of my life, originally i was only meant to do 2 weeks but extended as i loved it so much. I was very nervous to begin going by myself, even with the good words of the team i spoke to before it is scary going somewhere new! as soon as i was picked up by the GVI team I knew it was going to be amazing! The other people volunteering were so lovely, the team were so nice and only had good words to speak about GVI. Everyone i was with was so wonderful and I can honestly say i have made friends for life, living with and spending all day with people is just amazing! The whole GVI team were amazing too. Doing conservation i spent a lot of time with Rachel and Luis who were wonderful! they love conservation so much and seeing their passion made you enjoy it even more! the living conditions also were good. I expected very basic but we had 6 bed dorms, which was very fun being able to live with people, we also had a common area with a kitchen with a kettle toaster cereal for us to eat, then sofas with a laptop and projector so we could watch films and there was wifi which was nice as it is handy to be able to keep in touch with people especially at the beginning when you are still nervous. We lived in a small village and it was nice being part of the community. On the weekend we went on trips with everyone where we all got to know each other better and it was so much fun! i would highly recommend this to anyone it was the best trip ever and i wish i was there longer.

How can this program be improved?
I honestly can say there is nothing i can say needs improving i had the best time!
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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