Laos. Unmemorable experience.

Impact: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 9
Safety: 10

I didn't know a lot about Laos, I had never been in Asia before and I had never had experience with kids too. Eventhough all these factors my three weeks in Laos as a volunteer in the childcare programme has been an amazing experience that has enrichened me a lot due to the discover of a completely different culture and the people that i have met( locals, the kids and the other volunteers). During the days of orientation,that were well organized by the local staff, I used to feel a bit worried about which activities i was expected to do with the children in school but once I entered in my class it came so easy as a duck to the water. I used to prepare lesson everyday for the day after and"head, shoulders, knees and toes", "five little ducks" stucked in my head!! The kids are amazing and they have a strong willingness of learning and playing with you. They are really smart and are full of enthusiasm. After the shower time i had the opportunity of improving my braiding skills thanks to the little girls because, eventhough i was supposed to braid them, there was no game. When i had to say goodbye for me has been a really touchy moment even if i didn't stay that long, and when i was about to cry there was a moment similar to a scene of the movie "Dead poets society" , the kids started repeating all the things that i have taught them. In that moment i realised that i had made a good job. The local staff is incredibly organised and helped me with everything even to recuperate my passport that i forgot on my way to Van Vieng ( a cool city to visit on the weekend)!! So i couldn't ask for anything better!! The food was exceptional and some days a week there were also western meals but I could happily swim in noodles and sticky rice! The accommodation was cool and we had cleaning once a week. I loved meeting the other volunteers and I'm sure that I'm going to keep in touch with them and for real we were from all around the world:Italy (that's me), Australia, China, Netherlands, Spain, France, China ecc! Laos is a wonderful country , it was difficult not to find myself in front of stunning and green landscapes and on the weekends , thanks also to the help of the local staff with organsing the transport, I had the possibility of travelling a bit with the other volunteers and we had a lot of fun! If you are an open mind person looking for an unmemorable experience from any point of view (humanitarian, social, cultural ones and so on) this is the perfect one. I left for Loas alone and for three weeks I have never felt alone and i 've made memories that i will always keep deeply in my heart.

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