Not a typical Japanese language school, but an amazing space for cultural exchange!

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Housing: 9
Value: 8

Kyoto JaLS is not just a Japanese language school. Instead, it has combined a café, study room, bookshop, and language school for Japanese students (especially English) along with the Japanese language school for foreigners. There was an activity every day after class, and both Japanese and foreigners were welcomed to participate in the activity. This made learning Japanese not only a school subject, but an authentic experience of interacting with the locals and exchanging cultures and ideas.

The concept of Kyoto JaLS as a space for people with different backgrounds sharing their ideas with other is amazing, not to mention the cozy environment (including the classrooms, study room, and café) and the friendly and helpful staff.

Concerning the Japanese language course, the teachers were very professional that my need was always satisfied and I never had to try hard to concentrate in class. The lessons focused much on conversation and every student had many opportunities to speak. Therefore, my speaking ability had improved a lot and now I am more confident to speak in Japanese.

To be honest, the course fee of Kyoto JaLS may be a bit more expensive than other schools. However, the quality of the course is worth the price considering the small class size and learning environment, which enhance the learning efficiency and motivation. If you do not want to waste time doing repetitive grammar exercises or getting bored during class, I would definitely recommend Kyoto JaLS to you.

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