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After going on a trip to the Dominican Republic and return to the normalcy of my everyday life, I immediately knew I had to go on another trip. I decided to sign up in September for the following summer's Australia Seven Wonders program, and I could not contain my excitement all year. As soon as the anticipated date arrived in June, I quickly made friends in the airport on the way to LAX and during the long but exciting travel to our destination (friends I'm lucky to continually spend time with, even after arriving back to our home states). I met my amazing program leaders the second we touched down in the "land down under" and they did a great job of packing every day with new adventures and experiences. Rustic Pathways does an incredible job opening its arms wide and making every student feel safe, welcomed, and happy. Whether we were doing service with the animals such as Koalas and Kangaroos in Northern Australia, snorkeling over the Great Barrier Reef, gazing at the incredible stars in the Outback, or observing the positive impact our contributions had on the community of Sydney, this trip touched me in a variety of different ways. It taught me how to care about every aspect of our world, walk into every situation with clear eyes and full hearts, and showed me how giving back to others can make you feel better than receiving. I recommend this program to anyone and everyone, because the dream-like adventure that I embarked on should be experienced by everyone at least once during their life time.

How can this program be improved?
The only thing I can think of to improve this experience would be to get the word out! I discovered Rustic while searching for a trip abroad, but if the word was spread wider, more kids would discover that they would love to engage in a unforgettable trip similar to the one I experienced!
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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