The Smartest Way to Spend Your Summer

Growth: 10
Support: 9
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 9

I am overjoyed with my 2017 internship through Sage Corps at Increase, a FinTech startup in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Over the course of three months I worked side by side with the CMO, CTO, and CEO as the company transitioned from Google’s OKR management system to a Holacracy. Though I took on many roles as a business associate, I feel that my most valuable opportunity was in helping with the restructuring of the company. My contribution came in two forms. The first was an extensive competitor analysis for each department within the startup, from Sales to Development. Through analytics, working closely with each team, and understanding the core mission of the startup, I was able to produce the second piece of my contribution: a strategic plan for the 2017 year for the Sales and Marketing teams. My time at Increase was invaluable as it taught me to approach each challenge with a holistic, open-minded and client-facing perspective. Beyond the internship, Sage Corps provided a number of networking, learning, and professional development opportunities and the city of Buenos Aires gave me the time of my life! The combination of individual, professional, and intellectual growth that Sage Corps provides their interns with is unparalleled.

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