5 weeks in VP Bali

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I spend 5 wonderful weeks in VP Bali during the summer 2018, and it was not enough. When I arrived in the homestay, I was quickly made to feel at home. I didn’t even see the time pass during my 5 weeks in Ubud. In the afternoon from Monday to Thursday I taught English lessons to a lot of adorable kids and it was so hard to left them. All the members of Vp Bali are so nice and we can see that it is a big family, they take care of each other. Even if you’re English is not very good, you can improve your accent everyday by talking with all the other volunteers. During my 5 weeks, I taught English but I learned a lot because kids are so touching and sensitive, they gave me so much love. Everyday you can see all the devotion of Kim (the founder of Vp Bali).
With my kids I played a lot of varied games in order to allow them to learn easier and faster. I think they understand better the information when we teach in a fun way and when we propose them different activities.
During the week ends, with other volunteers we had time to visit Bali, I can recommande you particularly the Nusa Islands or Uluwatu, in which you can see beautiful landscapes. The city of Ubud has a rich culture and you have always something to do, to visit. Moreover, the homestay is situated in the main road with a lot of restaurants and shops so you are never alone.
After having such an experience, this lesson will be imprinted on my heart.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would