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We found out about Travelbud through a posting on Facebook. Immediately I was intrigued about the programs they offered and how everything worked. Travelling and working abroad was a bucket list item that my husband and I had discussed when we were still in high school. After having a Skype call with Peter, we were sold! This was something we needed to do and Travelbud was the company who was going to help us. We applied for the teach in Thailand course and sent through all our necessary documents. Everything was so easy! Travelbud went out of their way to provide a seamless experience for us. All of a sudden we were boarding a plane and beginning our adventure and we have never looked back.
What we learnt while abroad (just a few):
1. Yes you are here to travel and experience the culture and have an incredible experience but as a teacher, your students should come first! Always put your best foot forward for your students.
2. Embrace the culture and the people you meet. It may not be what you are used to but it doesn't make it wrong, just different. You'll be surprised at the incredible experiences you have once you accept this.
3. Do your best to make meaningful friendships while you are aboard. Your life will be so much richer for it.
Teaching in Thailand, and Thailand itself, has opened our eyes to what is truly important in life. I am sure that your experience travelling and teaching/volunteering abroad will be the same for you, should you choose to allow it.

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