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New Zealand is a place I had never even thought about until I discovered TEAN hosted a study abroad program there that my university was affiliated with. I don't know think I would have ultimately decided to live on the other side of the world for an entire semester if it wasn't for TEAN. After meeting with them, I had this new found confidence to do something for myself for once in my life. That is what my study abroad experience brought to me. Studying abroad with TEAN made me realize what I deserve- which is so much more than what I was giving myself credit for- and also how much I am capable of. Studying abroad made me realize I can do so much more than I ever thought I could. I can climb mountains, I can get good grades at a new university, I am strong, have a good heart and am a great friend. I learned what I should tolerate and when I should stand up for myself. Studying abroad gave me a new found confidence that needed to come out. And for that, I can thank TEAN's study abroad program. With TEAN's help, I was comfortable throughout the entire semester, incredibly well introduced to New Zealand's lifestyle and culture, and supported the entire time. Thank you TEAN!

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