Life in NZ

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The University of Auckland gave me a very unique experience. The uni is located in the perfect place. It's central to the city which made college life easy, but it was also easy to get out of the city and enjoy nature, perfect for the weekends! The UoA gave students the best of both lives with academics that were challenging and fundamental to your education and also a social life with various club offerings and events put on by faculty to help you enjoy your time there. In terms of work load, the UoA is very laidback, but tests are demanding so putting in the work is needed. Although class sizes are quite large professors are easily accessible and there are many forum sites used for classes so definitely use them! The UoA has so many resources for all aspects of student life and New Zealand itself is an amazing country to be in.

How can this program be improved?
I would improve this program by bettering the housing. Although overall the physical housing is quite good, the inner workings of it caused me the most trouble throughout my time here. Things like washing machines always breaking can cause unneeded stress for a student abroad. It would have also been nice for the study abroad department of the university to put on more free events.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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