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Being able to attend the New Perspectives program with Oxford Royale Academy is the best experience that has happened in my life so far 💯💯. The most satisfactory part of the courses I chose is that I did my best and in the end it paid off.
One thing I was looking forward to, was the social activities that I had seen on the ORA blog and they most definitely did not disappoint (the Friday night party was THE best). 🔥🔥 The absolute best part of this new experience was meeting and making friends from literally all over the world. Meeting new people exposed me to different cultures, ways of thinking, and this enhanced my knowledge of the outside world, but also showed me how big and diverse it really is.
I had read before going to ORA that during the two week stay, that I would most likely make friends for life. However, I did not take that to be true. After the end of the two weeks, I was devastated to leave my new-found friends.
I think ORA is a great program that exposes people to the world in a very good way. It gives people the opportunity to gain knowledge first-hand on the different cultures present and be able to share their culture also. The courses given are practical and very useful, especially if you have not taken the course(s) in school yet.
If you're contemplating participating in Oxford Royale Academy, DO IT! ORA is the G.O.A.T AND IS THE WAY TO GO!!!

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Provider Response

Dear Maxiane,

Thank you very much for your great review!

We are thrilled that you had an absolutely amazing time and learned a lot.

We hope that you can continue to keep those friendships and that we see you next year!