Oxford Royale Academy | Summer School in Oxford, England
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Oxford Royale Academy | Summer School in Oxford, England

2017 prices now frozen until 30th September!
If you weren’t able to join us for our ever popular summer school this year, 2018 is closer than you think. Choose from our most popular courses, such as Academic Discovery (8-12’s), New Perspective’s (13-15’s), Broadening Horizons (16-18’s) and Global Business Management and Finance (19-25’s). 2018 could be your year to spend the summer of your life studying a subject that feeds your passion, whilst making new friends in one of the most beautiful University cities in the world. And with prices frozen until 30th September 2017, it’s never too early to start planning your future!

Our Oxford Summer School is our longest running and most popular study option, with programmes guaranteed to pique the interest of any student aged 8-25. From Engineering to Law, and Medicine to Creative Writing, our two-week courses are ideal for students seeking to hone existing academic skills or to discover something new.

For the duration of their stay in Oxford, students are resident in either a constituent college of the University of Oxford or Yarnton Manor, our very own Jacobean manor house a few minutes’ drive from the city centre. Both offer unparalleled facilities and a quintessentially English environment in which to live and work.

At ORA we pride ourselves on our vibrant international mix, bringing intellectually curious individuals from all over the world together as a fun, friendly community. Last summer we welcomed students from over 100 different nationalities, and we look forward to repeating this achievement in 2018!

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- Airport transfers to and from Oxford

- Meals on site (breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 8-15s; breakfast and dinner for 15+)

- 41 hours of contact time across each session

- Graduation certificate upon leaving

- Scholarships available

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Program Reviews (26)


Second to none


To be honest, before I started my two weeks in the programme, I had wished I could just leave. However, as the first few days passed, I learnt new concepts, ideas, facts, saw new sights, but most importantly, met new people. The best thing about ORA was, simply put, the sheer variety of cultures, ideas and personalities that you come into contact with as a part of its international nature. Nevertheless, the academic aspect of ORA is still not adulterated by this. Being situated in one of the most well-educated parts of the UK, even the general atmosphere compels you to work harder, and strive for success. ORA is truly unique experience, and by the end, I could only have wished the course was longer.

How can this program be improved?

More water on campus, more efficient signing in/out procedure.

15 years old
University of Oxford

My ORA experience


My experience was great! The lesson were extremely interesting and the teacher were excellent, they helped me a lot to be more confident in class! The activities were really exciting and through them I had the chance to try a lot of new things with my new friends!! Generally the whole experience was very interesting and I definitely recommend it to anyone that's searching for something fun and interesting to do during the summer holidays!!

16 years old



This summer course was my first one and it was a great first experience. I would definetely recommend it as you don't only leaner about the courses you chose, but learn how to socialise. I learnt a lot in two weeks about my chosen courses. It is a great opportunity to experiment with new things, and there are plenty of activities to help do this. The whole course was organised very well, and was a lot of fun! The campus is beautiful as well and Oxford itself is a picturesque place; you will feel at home immediately.

16 years old

The best time I´ve ever had


I had no idea of how it would be, I couldn´t have been more scared at the time, but all of that fear was soon gone. Just as I arrived to college, I had an amazing staff ready to help me and make my experience the best possible.
I was at ease from the moment I got there and honestly, all I wanted was for my parents to leave, so that I could experience this myself.
I think that the best tip I could give to a future student is definitely not to be shy! Everyone there is feeling exactly how you do so don´t waste a second, it may be hard but it will be worth it!
Please don´t think twice, it will definitely be the experience of your lifetime!

18 years old
Westport, CT

An amazing experience


I took part in Oxford Royale's Broadening Horizons program during the summer of 2015. I became friends with so many people from all around, many of whom I keep in touch with today. I took chemistry, mathematics, and Oxford's Art and Architecture during the two weeks I was there. My favorite class was Oxford's Art and Architecture because my teacher brought us all around Oxford during each class in order for us to be ale to see what we were learning about in person. It was so interesting to be able to experience everything with my own eyes, in person instead of just looking at a picture of what I was learning about on a sheet of paper. I will be forever grateful for the many wonderful, unforgettable experiences I had at Oxford Royale Academy.

How can this program be improved?

I do not think anything needs improving. I very much enjoyed this program.

15 years old

Amazing experience


I really enjoyed my stay at Oxford Royale Academy. I made a lot of friends from all around the world whith whom I still have contact. It was an amazing experience and I really lived it there. I would totally recommend it. My room wasn't the best but it was okay and I really feeler like home. If I had to describe Oxford Royale Academy in one word it would be: wonderful. Thank you for everything I've learned! I'm now on the top in my english class!! I did a normal englisch course)

21 years old
Athens, Greece

Meet People from All Around the World.


Get Ready for a summer experience that will combine strong academic endeavors and social activities through which you make long lasting friends from all around the world. I participated in ORA 6 years ago and I still keep in touch with my friends. I took the Mathematics and Economics course and it helped me a lot later in school and college. I still remember the matrix proof I learnt in ORA and it was a very good foundation. Loved it!

18 years old

Amazing experience!


Oxford Royale was an amazing program. The courses were challenging, interesting and led by inspirational and qualified teachers. Not only was the academic focus of the program incredible, but there were countless support staff, many activities, social events and networking opportunities, including spending time with people with similar interests from all around the world. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity I would recommend for any young people.

18 years old

My experience at Oxford


My experience at Oxford was mind-opening. Not only did I improve my English but I also meet a lot of people from all around the world. The activities were really fun, mostly when went to the park to play some frisbee or the weekends when we visited other cities. The classes are great and the professors never stop innovating on ways to give the lessons. Also, the exchange of opinion is always possible, which is amazing because that way you actually are able to comprehend a lot more how things worked in a different country. I'm totally grateful for the amazing experience I had.

16 years old

My summer 2016 oxford royal trip


This was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had. The whole Oxford Royale trip was amazing, I learned many things and made lots of new friends. One of the greatest memories of the Oxford trip was winning best salsa dance at the the end of trip I was awarded a very nice Oxford hoodie! It was great I enjoyed all of the after class activities especially with the new friends I made. The people over there at Oxford Royale are very kind and fun people to be around, they made this trip even better. I enjoyed going to all of the muesemes we visited when we took a trip to London. Visiting London was also great because I saw lots of things I've never seen before.

18 years old



I had an amazing time at oxford royale academy. I guess the best part for me was being able to share with people from all over the world that share different points of view. However different we may have been, though, there was always a space of respect and interest coming from everyone, and that's a community which I was proud to participate in. The level of international consciousness, global mindsets, and curiosity was astonishing. For this reason, I think that the best part of my experience was the interactions I had with the people I met. In one word: unforgettable!

20 years old



I have met some very interesting people during my stay at ORA.

The lessons were great! But the connection I have with the new friends I've made is just wow... they're like the missing piece in my life. Thank you so much for this ORA!

- I met François Geng & Arthur Merminod again ( 2 Swiss ORA alumni) in Berlin two weeks after the course. Arthur and I were learning German. And Francois was just there on holiday with his family. What a coincidence! So we decided to hangout and We literally spent the best time of our life!
- I met another friend Vicky, who stayed at ORA for 4 weeks, she lives in Berlin so when she came back, we went for a girl's day.

- Segolène Denef and I saw each other again during Christmas in Brussels, it was as if we've known each other forever! I love her so much!

- Robin Okker ( another Belgian alumni) and I speak to each other everyday, he also introduced me to Alex Kas who is also an alumni but from 2015.
- And the craziest thing is that all of us have friends in common from around the globe who aren't in ORA.... For example Bridget Als ( an alumni from Trinidad) knows my friend Sebastian Perez in Jakarta...

How can this program be improved?

More freedom

15 years old

ORA was an amazing adventure


I didn't know what to expect when I planned my trip to ORA, I was stressed and anxious about the courses and the people I was going to meet. This summer camp was one of the best things that happened to me. The whole experience was amazing and the best part was that I made a lot of new friends that I still talk to, even 8 months after the summer camp. The courses were very interesting as well and I learned a lot of new interesting things. I would love to come back next year!

22 years old

Broadening Horizons


In 2013 I decided to sign up for the Broadening Horizons programme at ORA and I am so happy that I did! I chose to do Political & International Relations, as well as Experimental Psychology and the Global Issues Seminar Series. The teachers were all very enthusiastic about what they were teaching and it never got boring. I could indeed broaden my horizons, not only academically, but also socially and culturally. Nowhere before have I met so many students from all over the world in one place. The staff was super nice and I would recommend this programme to anyone who is interested.

17 years old
Faisalabad, Pakistan

Time of my life!


I'm out off words to describe my ORA'16 summer programme's experience. Unprecedented I would say. Everyday, was a day full of excitement and thrill with a new thing to discover. The courses were so enlightening and spellbinding. Whenever someone asks me about the best part it's just so hard to decide as every moment was a golden one. The evening activities were so exuberant and new to try such as punting, chicken wire activities and much much more.
Before going to the programme I was really nervous, but the counsellors were very welcoming and joyous. 2 weeks I spent there felt like home. Intermingling with students from over 50 nationalities changed my personality and way of thinking in a very positive way. ORA has given me dozens of life long friends and so much amazing memories I'll never forget, especially the parties.
I believe every student should once in a lifetime attend such programme. I'm thankful to ORA for providing me with this inestimable opportunity and I won't give it back even for a million dollars.

18 years old
Gent, Belgium

The most wonderful two weeks


Going into something as exciting, thrilling and new as this was something very much outside of my comfortzone. Yet, in a wonderful manner oRA made the experience incredibly easy. I discovered a new side of myself, I made new friends, some of which I know are for life, I got to realise my own potential. I am so grateful for everything I got from this amazing experience, I will treasure those two weeks forever and revisit them in my dreams.

How can this program be improved?

I have no improvements.

18 years old

unique academic summer school


My stay with Oxford Royale Academy was a unique, academically challenging and fun experience. Not only did I meet a lot of nice and inspiring young people, I also got to explore Oxford, London and some British universities. The classes were very interesting and while I was challenged and had to work, it never got boring and I was always motivated to participate in class. In the afternoon we had the possibility to visit workshops on very diverse topics- I chose poetry- which didn't necessarily have anything to do with our academic course- I chose UK University Preparation. There was also plenty of time for bonding with new friends. One of my favourite experience was when we went to London to watch the musical Thriller. After over half a year, I still fondly remember my experience and love keeping up with the friends I made there, which I am still quite close to.

20 years old
Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Best two weeks of my life!


Going to ORA was my first venture out of my own country, and naturally I was nervous. However attending the stimulating and enjoyable courses and workshops opened my mind and provided me with wonderful learning opportunities. All excursions, activities and events served to make the experience even more enriching. I can easily say that I had the best 2 weeks of my life at ORA doing so many amazing things I could not have gotten to do in my home country of Pakistan.

23 years old

Summer of 2010


It was a very new and interesting experience for me. I have never been to a Summer School with so many international students. The experience of sharing experiences, trips and classes with a variety of students has helped me to see other point of views and has made me be better. I signed up for maths and photography classes which I enjoyed. It was very scary too. I was still young and I felt I have to be very responsible. Away from home and from my comfort zone has pushed me to discover myself and to trust my feelings. English was also a challenge. Although I studied it for a long time at home, it was very hard at times to understand it but to get the British accent as well.

22 years old
Limassol, Cyprus

Friendships last forever


Ive attended ORA for two consecutive years 2011 and 2012 and both have been a happy memory that I cherish forever! The friends I've made are still close to me 5 years later and I couldnt be more thankful to have friends from all around the world! Both stays in St.Catherines college and Balliol college were amazing and I wish I could return! Even the course was excellent and prepared me so well for university in the UK. Would definitely recommend!!

About The Provider


Founded in 2004, Oxford Royale Academy is an award- winning provider of residential summer courses, headquartered in the ancient university city of Oxford. We are committed to providing academic excellence and superlative teaching standards to students from all over the world, enabling them to develop