A lucky girl and her impression of UoA

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First of all, I’d like to say that I feel really lucky to be here, because in my home school, there is only one quota able to study in UoA. So I felt very excited when I found myself passed through the selection. And there are two reasons why I dream of coming here, the first is that I have a best friend here who majors in food science (we have been schoolmates since primary school, and she came here during the last year of senior high; as I came here, now we can continue to be schoolmates even in university and that’s really fascinating), while the second is that the law school in UoA has a high ranking in the world rankings. As for life in UoA, what impressed me most is the “anti-discrimination” sign in general library and many other places, I really appreciate the attitude of university to emphasize on equality. And compared to my homeland, UoA really shows a great respect towards LGBT group, I have seen the rainbow flag (attached) many times. In addition, I do enjoy the comfortable atmosphere in UoA library, I’d like to spend my whole day sitting in the library and reading and writing. In a word, life here is really enjoyable and peaceful, thanks for study abroad program providing me this opportunity. <3

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