My Peru Experience

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I recently completed the TEFL program at Maximo Nivel in Peru. It started off a little rocky I had someone read my bank card and try to wipeout my account before I left Florida and I wasn't aware because I was travelling and had already taken out the money I needed. So I didn't know that my account had been locked until about a week later it was a fiasco. When I first arrived in Cusco within the first 2 hours of my arrival my cellphone was stolen. I pretty much spent my entire first day in police stations, it was horrible. Stay away from Santiago if they see you with a phone out especially an iPhone they will take it and they are really good you won't notice your phone has been taken until it's too late. Those incidents were the only real struggles that I've had to deal with here.
The people at Maximo as well as my classmates and instructor Sean were all very nice and helpful they let me know that if I needed anything all I had to do was ask. I stayed in an apartment by myself right down the street from San Pedro Market and it was absolutely beautiful. And any issues I had Juanita had them fixed immediately.The course started immediately. We taught mini lessons and our last week we taught a class for one hour a day that entire week. We also had to observe 5 different teachers and how they taught their classes, and 2 major writing assignments. I'll admit I knew the course wasn't going to be easy and more than a few times I found myself wondering what had I signed up for, But Sean is such an amazing instructor he helped me through it. Sean is definitely one of the most fun and dedicated instructors I've ever met. He wants to see all of his students succeed so he's at Maximo 6 days a week literally and he often stays late to make sure he's there if we need any additional help. If you can the mini adventures that Maximo provide through The American Inca Trail are also worth it. Despite my bumpy start this has been one of the most amazing experiences ever.

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This program is perfect the way that it is.
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