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Before I studied abroad in Spain with SolAbroad, I had never been out of the country. I had never even owned a passport. So it was the craziest feeling ever when I stepped off that 9 hour overseas flight and I was in the huge Madrid airport and knew everyone and everything I was familiar with was across the globe. Spain is incredible. The people were so welcoming and kind and it was impossible to not be happy there. The university was very
well set up - you take a placement test when you first get there and you are in a class exactly for your knowledge level and the teachers are every good at
what they do. Rocio y Alejandro were like parents to us. They were more than willing to help us with whatever we needed, whether it was academically or personally. Also, another thing I really liked about this program was that we were not booked full of activities throughout the day. We always had our time to wander around and go places individually. The friendships I made were so strong, but the love I developed for that country is even stronger. One day we met on the corner of Calle Neptuno and all got in a bus and drove down to Nerja beach. That was so incredible. There were little coves around the cliffs that you could go in and it was so beautiful it didn't seem like real life. Another day, we went hiking in Los Alpujarres. We trekked between a few isolated villages on the slope of these huge Spanish mountains. We picked cherries off trees and ate them and learned about the different nut trees. A different day, we went to an Arabic bath house. That was so cool I can't even describe it. After relaxing between baths of cold and hot water, we got a 20 minute massage. One of the most incredible sights in Granada was La Alhambra. That is an old fortress and one of the main attractions of Granada. The view from the watch tower is breath taking. There was also very interesting art and science museos that we visited and an old beautiful cathedral. We were free a lot of the time, so you could either lay in your host families room, go out to explore the city, go to mass, visit los museos again, or even go to a Spanish cook's kitchen and learn how to make a dish. We also went to a stunning Flamenco performance and learned some steps from the dancers! Also, my host family was so so amazing. The mother would sit down with us every meal and talk to us about her life and about the Spanish culture. She was so kind hearted and full of generosity and love. The children were funny and the husband was proud of being Spanish. The Spanish are a very passionate people. They are serious but also light hearted. If you go to Spain, you will leave a piece of your heart there. My experience in Spain is something that I think about every day of my life. If I could recommend you do anything ever in your life, it would be to go to Spain, and SolAbroad makes that experience stress free and absolutely impossible to forget.

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