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Dec 09, 2020
Nov 05, 2019
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About Program

Study abroad with Sol Abroad in the fascinating and ancient city of Granada, Spain. Home to Spain's most visited monument, the Alhambra, Granada is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most historic cities in Spain. Here you will find the ancient Moorish quarter, the Albaicin, the old Jewish quarter, the Realejo, and the Gypsy neighborhood of Sacromonte. Set at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains and only an hour away from some of Europe's top beaches Granada with Sol Abroad is an experience not to be missed! As part of the Sol Abroad program you will study at the accredited University of Granada or the prestigious IDEA Spanish Academy. Sol Abroad high school programs provide quality academic support and assistance throughout your program.

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Program Highlights

  • Highly rated homestays
  • Included excursions and cultural activities
  • High-level academic advising and assistance
  • Attentive and dedicated onsite directors
  • Very personable and inclusive program

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9.38 Rating
based on 21 reviews
  • 9-10 rating 80.95%
  • 7-8 rating 19.05%
  • 5-6 rating 0%
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  • Growth 8.7
  • Support 8.8
  • Fun 9.3
  • Housing 9
  • Safety 9.7
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Time

This program was so amazing and I really enjoyed it. I met so many amazing people and friends from all over the country and all the cultural activities were so much fun. From cooking paella to trips to the beach in Malaga to touring the Alhambra, the coordinators really planned fun events almost every day. There is also a lot of free time to go out and explore the city on your own. Staying with my host family was such a great experience and I felt my Spanish really improved. The meals were all traditional Spanish style meals (which was great), and you also have options to go out and eat if you would prefer. There’s a ton to do in Granada and the Arabic part of the city really gives it its own unique style with lots of great markets and souvenir shops. I would totally recommend for any high schooler looking for an amazing summer experience!

What would you improve about this program?
I would most likely change the length of the school day at the University of Granada. I barely learned any grammar from the classes and they were four hours long which was quite draining. They are not sufficient if you want to skip a level upon your return.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Granada summer 2019

I loved this program. Not only did I meet new people that I still talk to everyday, but I got to see the beautiful culture and land that Spain has to offer. Getting to see a new part of the world and comparing to America was a very unique experience. I gained confidence with speaking in Spanish and I learned lots of new things like pronunciation, something I wouldn’t be learning at home. The food was something that was very different and interesting to experience. Their culture is very different from ours and being able to enjoy traditional dishes was an amazing experience. All of the fun activities I was able to experience was my favorite part of the program. Seeing all the historical buildings and getting to learn the history behind them was a very memorable opportunity. I am so grateful I attended this program and would do it again.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
Having to speak to my host family without my roommate there.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Perfect for Independent Students

I had a great experience. I got lucky and had two roommates who I really liked, and we got very close. We had a ton of free time each day to explore the city of Granada. We were all there for a month, and were able to make friends with other people in the program. Our host family gave us freedom to go out for meals, but were also willing to provide every meal for us. I did not get as much Spanish practice as I would have liked, but if I had interacted with my host family more, that would have been improved. I enjoyed the cultural activities (we took a trip to Madrid which was a great time), but often our program leaders didn't give us a ton of information about the sites. The best experiences were the times we spent exploring, or going out.

What would you improve about this program?
More informative tours, more get to know you activities.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Sol Abroad Spain 2018

The three weeks I spent with Sol Abroad were one of the best weeks of my life! I enjoyed participating in the cultural activities with other high school students from different parts of the United States. I will never forget the moments in which I saw Picasso's art in real life, slid down a nearly vertical waterslide, hiked through small picturesque villages in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, took a four-hour tour of the majestic Alhambra, watched a spectacular flamenco performance, relaxed in the idyllic Arabian baths, and much more. This trip gave me opportunities to fully immerse into the Spanish language and culture. I enjoyed conversing with my host in Spanish during long mealtimes. My host mother was very welcoming to my roommate and I. She prepared excellent dishes, with my personal favorites including: an Italian pizza recipe, a three-layered chocolate cake, a spinach and chickpeas dish, and a pie with strawberries and peaches. My host mother has also showed me several landmarks and buildings around Granada, Spain. We even got to visit her family's shop, and we got to meet her friendly and well-mannered grandchildren.
Not only I had a positive experience with the host family and the program's activities, but I also liked attending Spanish classes at the Centro de Lenguas Modernas. Though the coursework was challenging, my Spanish skills have flourished. Both of my Spanish professors were very helpful and understanding. They were open-minded, and allowed me to have fun with the Spanish language. Through the classes, I have also interacted with college students, as well as other high school students, from different parts of the world. I enjoyed participating in group activities, reading authentic texts in Spanish, and writing. I will never forget the time we had to write creative stories in Spanish, and my group decided to write about a "superhero mango."
Overall, this experience was very pleasant! It allowed me to think outside the box, form connections with other individuals, improve my language skills, and overall explore new places. I am definitely interested in participating in study abroad programs when I attend college. I enjoy traveling and learning about the different cultures around the world.
A suggestion I have for future language-immersing participants is to speak the target language from day one. The best way to learn a new language is to start immersing into it. Since I was in a Spanish-speaking country, I heard Spanish all around me, not just in the classroom. I understand that some people may feel a little bit nervous about speaking a foreign language, but the locals are very understanding. From my experience, I noticed that the locals were excited that I was interacting with them in their own language. Even though I may have made some mistakes, they were still accepting.
And to conclude, I definitely recommend this study abroad program for future travelers! It is very educational, as well as adventurous!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Sol abroad is worth it

Everyone learning a language should go abroad because it can be an amazing experience, and sol abroad provides the structure needed to make it great. Sol abroad’s late curfew was good because it allowed time for me to explore the city. Also, despite doing an activity every day, we usually still has enough free time to either take a nice long siesta or walk to the ends of the city. Plus, the activities we did were usually pretty interesting and exciting.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Sol Experience

I loved traveling with Sol. I learned so much and have a more genuine understanding of the spanish language that is impossible to achieve in an american classroom. My favorite part was my host family and roommates. One thing i would do differently personally would be to speak spanish to my other roommates all the time in the presence of my host parents. The dinner table was where I would speak the most spanish but I don’t think that was enough. Next time, I would also speak to more kids my age who live in Spain. I would have loved to take away friendships with Spanish kids.

What would you improve about this program?
I would say Sol needs to organize more activities or contact with Spanish kids because I really didn’t make any Spanish friends, although I did make American friends.
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Yes, I recommend this program

3 weeks in Granada!

I went to Granada with the goal of improving my spanish skills, I left with so much more. I met some amazing new friends from across the country, learned about Spanish culture, had a lovely host mom, and had the freedom to explore for myself. I grew as a spanish speaker and as a person. My favorite parts were going to the arabic baths and the Alhambra, they were so beautiful and fun! I am so glad I decided to go.

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Yes, I recommend this program

SolAbroad will change your life!!

Before I studied abroad in Spain with SolAbroad, I had never been out of the country. I had never even owned a passport. So it was the craziest feeling ever when I stepped off that 9 hour overseas flight and I was in the huge Madrid airport and knew everyone and everything I was familiar with was across the globe. Spain is incredible. The people were so welcoming and kind and it was impossible to not be happy there. The university was very
well set up - you take a placement test when you first get there and you are in a class exactly for your knowledge level and the teachers are every good at
what they do. Rocio y Alejandro were like parents to us. They were more than willing to help us with whatever we needed, whether it was academically or personally. Also, another thing I really liked about this program was that we were not booked full of activities throughout the day. We always had our time to wander around and go places individually. The friendships I made were so strong, but the love I developed for that country is even stronger. One day we met on the corner of Calle Neptuno and all got in a bus and drove down to Nerja beach. That was so incredible. There were little coves around the cliffs that you could go in and it was so beautiful it didn't seem like real life. Another day, we went hiking in Los Alpujarres. We trekked between a few isolated villages on the slope of these huge Spanish mountains. We picked cherries off trees and ate them and learned about the different nut trees. A different day, we went to an Arabic bath house. That was so cool I can't even describe it. After relaxing between baths of cold and hot water, we got a 20 minute massage. One of the most incredible sights in Granada was La Alhambra. That is an old fortress and one of the main attractions of Granada. The view from the watch tower is breath taking. There was also very interesting art and science museos that we visited and an old beautiful cathedral. We were free a lot of the time, so you could either lay in your host families room, go out to explore the city, go to mass, visit los museos again, or even go to a Spanish cook's kitchen and learn how to make a dish. We also went to a stunning Flamenco performance and learned some steps from the dancers! Also, my host family was so so amazing. The mother would sit down with us every meal and talk to us about her life and about the Spanish culture. She was so kind hearted and full of generosity and love. The children were funny and the husband was proud of being Spanish. The Spanish are a very passionate people. They are serious but also light hearted. If you go to Spain, you will leave a piece of your heart there. My experience in Spain is something that I think about every day of my life. If I could recommend you do anything ever in your life, it would be to go to Spain, and SolAbroad makes that experience stress free and absolutely impossible to forget.

What would you improve about this program?
The only critique I have is that the advisors encourage us to speak Spanish all the time, especially when we are on a tour around the city or at a place. It would help gain fluency!
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Questions & Answers

Yes, 100%. I am a mom who always knows we're her kids are and I felt like they were so well supervised. We visited at the end and realized what a perfect place Spain (and Granada) was for our kids.