Skateboarding in Ecuador

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i chose Physical Education as my program and wanted to choose skateboarding as the sport i taught to any school that had any kind of area to accommodate, the local team through IVHQ and VCE in Ecuador helped and were very excited for this project idea since no one had done this kind of thing before in their volunteer program. I was able to get sponsorships to help support the project and donate tons of skateboards and equipment like helmets etc. and once i got to Ecuador and the school i was volunteering at you could tell the kids were so stoked. Skateboarding is a Universal Language that teaches respect, commitment and community and i think the kids not only learned a lot of great life lessons from learning how to skate over the 2 weeks i was there, but they saw how one can achieve success by doing what they love, what they are passionate about and by helping others to learn that as well. Not to mention also the food was great, and was able to make great friends from this trip that ill remember forever. Can't wait to go back!

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Hi Corey - thank you for putting so much effort into your skateboard program for the kids in Quito! They will remember you forever! Rachel - IVHQ Program Manager.