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First and foremost, it was only one day since the session ended, but I was already missing all the people. I'm not sure where to begin with. The staff and students truly made it a place like no other. I also deeply regret that I did not express my gratitude at the graduation ceremony when I received my award with an invaluable gift attached to it. As a regional bursary scholarship student from Mongolia, it was thrilling for me to spend two weeks with the amazing, supportive and energetic community. I also saw what ORA did for the kids. I could see the changes in them day by day, as amazing as that sounds. I could relate to the students who opened up and tried new things for the first time to the supportive audience. It was truly an experience. The staff became part of the young adults. They shaped them into the men and women they will become in society. They were a big part of their confidence boost; their self-confidence. The teachers helped make us grow. And the counsellors, they let them be kids again. As the most problematic student in the session (lost baggage at airport etc), I could not express how much I appreciated their help and how the staff, especially program coordinators, pronounced my full name exactly correct. The lessons I learned both in and out of the classroom were monumental, and the jokes I'm glad I know now, and those wish I did not, the meals, afternoon activities and evening shouts ended too soon. They all mean so much.

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Provider Response

Dear Minjinsor,

A huge thank you for your excellent review and rating!

We are pleased that you felt looked after and that you learned a lot on your experience with us.