Grabatour Sydney Work & Travel was the perfect introduction to Australia!

Housing: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

This 1000% exceeded all expectations for me!! The itinerary looked amazing but each day out here was more than what we could have asked for! It's hard to choose a favourite day but the Blue Mountains day was insane! We had our own tour guide that showed us the best spots and shared stories from the aboriginals which was so interesting. We were so lucky to have a fantastic group as we were non-stop laughing!! We were picked up from the airport by Tom who instantly made us feel relaxed and prepared us for the week ahead! Steve was our tour leader and was amazing!! Not only did he look after us all and made sure we experienced the best of the week he was hilarious and had us laughing and joking with each other within the first hour!! That's what made this week so much fun! I was also really impressed that although we had a group of 10 and very different people, he interacted with all of us slightly differently and in a way that made sure we personally made the most of our week. Steve also helped us out with the important (more boring bits) and had even given me loads of help with onward travel to not only Australia but New Zealand too! Although Steve was our leader it was really lovely that Tom and Sean were all so helpful and friendly that it felt like we were all mates instead! We had a free night but they went out of their way to take us to a really nice restaurant and wandered along darling harbour. I would recommend to every single person coming to Australia! Thanks for the best week :)

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