Best 5 months of my life

Academics: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 9
Safety: 10

Right before I left home to study abroad, I was a little reluctant and nervous about moving to a completely different country where I knew no one. But once I got to Milan, I felt right at home. SAI helped so much with the transition period and my study abroad coordinator, Alicia was the best. The first day I moved into my apartment, I actually ended up getting my bag stolen along with all my money and identification cards. Alicia literally saved me that day and made sure I was okay and that I had money and everything until I could get some of it replaced. She also helped the rest of the semester go way smoother and I still keep in touch with her today. The roommates I had were also amazing - which was also something I was nervous about at the start. But we're all still super close and are planning a reunion soon to see each other. My school program at Cattolica was also fantastic! I actually ended up staying longer to attend summer courses because I found the classes so interesting and wanted to stay in Milano a little longer....which brings me to my final thought - Milan is the best city in the world, and everyone should definitely study abroad there if they get the chance!

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