My time in Italy with Athena

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When selecting a program for me to help with guidance, mentoring, and expertise, I could not have chosen upon a better fit than Athena. Not only are their values directly in line with mine, but the interpersonal relationships and constant support they offer their students can not be topped. What made Athena special, in my opinion, was how personable they made every single step of the trip - from starting my application (checking in on me, seeing if there were any components they could help me with), to getting me excited for the trip, checking in on me during the trip, and even following up with me after the trip. I truly felt like I had a group of constant supporters that had my best intentions in mind - only seeking to see me thrive and get the maximum possible exposure out of my experience.
If you're looking for a program where you're more than just a number, you know you have a constant support team, and a general wonderful community to work with, Athena is the program to go with.

How can this program be improved?
The only point of improvement that I could foresee would be expansion of programs!
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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