Costa Rica Service Trip

Growth: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 4
Safety: 5

Hi, my name is Daniel Dessert and recently last summer I went to Costa Rica with my friend Ethan. This was a one of a kind experience because I made so many new friends that I am still keeping in touch with. This experience was amazing and something I never would have had without Global Works. The environment and the energy from the group leaders made everything so much more exciting. I flew to Houston first, and met my amazing group leader Annie. She has so much energy and was alway super happy. Then I flew to San Jose and met all my other kids and soon to be friends that I would stay with for the next 2 weeks. The first few days we did some cool things in the capital but nothing too exciting. But the amazing part was after. We then went to a small, pretty poor city in Costa Rica and stayed with a host family with 1 other friend. These families spoke no english and at times it was very weird, but we ended up getting along great. This part in our journey was the most amazing because I got to see what it really was like living in Costa Rica. All the little kids that I played soccer with were all so cute and everybody just had a great time. Even though everybody spoke minimal words to all of their host families, the families were so grateful to have all of us there because I guess us young children are pretty exciting. But then the sad part came. Then we had to go almost all of the families kids and parents started crying because we all were so happy together. 100% if you are reading this, thinking about if you should go to Costa Rica or not, these 2 weeks were the most happy moments of my years. I had NO worries, didn't even think about anything, related to social media, school, stress, guilt. NOTHING. I was so pure and so happy to be in another country helping out not as fortunate people then myself. It was truly an amazing experience. Then after the housing, we moved to the west coast to surf. And after that, we had to leave. And again, another sad part. You would think in only 2 weeks you wouldn't become very good friends with the other kids you are staying with but you do. The worst part was leaving and going back to San Diego where I live and thinking, and I ever going to see these people again? We literally all started crying. Yes, even me. And we were so happy, but so sad and I really wish it could all be done over again. But sadly not. I may not be able to have that exact same experience, but I for sure will keep it in my memory for the rest of my life.

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