It is excellent!!!

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Value: 10

The trip to Russia is my first surprise in 2018 which is memorable forever. There are super good teachers, very interesting classmates, beautiful and enthusiastic volunteers. Moreover, the most beautiful snow I have ever seen.
This Russian exchange program is scheduled to be located in Yekaterinburg, Russia's third largest city. We have a half-month exchange at the Federal University of Ural and conducted 40 hours of Russian study. A quite part of us hadn’t study Russian a lot before. Kseniia tirelessly correct our pronunciation over and over again, and push us to learn new content continuously. In 15 days, although there has not been a qualitative change, we have a good idea of Russian pronunciation and grammar. Kseniia often laughs. When she laughs, her eyes are bright, her long eyelashes are sparkling.Sooo cute! She is both the project manager and our teacher, and our “Russian Mama”, every morning “Доброе утро! (Good morning)”, every day "Очень хорошо! (very good)", bringing us happiness and gives us love.
In the last few days, we went to the Russian countryside to share the Russian New Year. Compared to the regular and peaceful study life in Yekaterinburg, we are likely a group of children who are dancing in the snow. We experienced skiing, snowballing, and sliding tires.They were all exactly interesting!When the New Year came, we danced in the music, talking about the most grateful things in 2017, drinking champagne, eating their own hands of Ural dumplings, surrounding of an atmosphere of happiness.
In short, this project is very interesting and worth participating! Don’t be worry, everything will be satisfied.

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