4 weeks in Romania

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My IVHQ program in Romania was an amazing experience. While the program was located in a small town in Romania, Hungarians made up most of the population, so this was the primary language of the area. We were able to experience everyday life, and had the chance to meet locals through the weekly English conversation groups.

For my placement I was in the Special Needs program, which was a short walk from the volunteer accommodation. This program serves young adults, and helps them with tasks such as cooking, household chores, and language development. There was also other fun activities like a weekly dance class. All the clients received a weekly physical therapy session, and since I am a licensed physical therapist in the US, I was able to provide PT services, which was my motivation in volunteering. Everyone at this day program, with the exception of a few program leaders, spoke only Hungarian. While this was a little discouraging/difficult at first, it did not prevent me from assisting with daily tasks or providing PT services.

As for the volunteer accommodation, the apartment was very clean, and all the volunteers quickly connected, making it a welcoming environment. The accommodation is located on the main street of the town, and just about everything is walkable, including the train station.

The local staff was always available and joined us in events such as bowling, socializing at restaurants, and weekly group dinners. I highly recommend this program.

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Provider Response

Thanks for your thorough review Suzanne! It's awesome to hear you had such an amazing time on the program and were able to help in the specific field you were hoping to, your PT skills would have been such an asset to the program. I hope you will be back to volunteer with us again in the future! Meika - IVHQ Program Manager