I would like to go back

Value: 10
Fun: 8
Staff: 10
Safety: 10
Organization: 10

I was only able to spend 3 months in Portugal as I needed to return back to Texas for school. I have traveled abroad on vacations before but never lived in another country. I felt completely at home! We were busy every day. My life coaches were awesome! Thank you, Jason, Jess, Miquel, and Jorge!

I learned a lot about self-reliance, meeting other friends, I have a new perspective on global citizenship and how one countries leadership can affect the whole world. I feel like I made lifelong friends with some of the other students, but more importantly, with the local people in Cascais!

I feel like the combination of the whole experience combined with my Tatori Life Coaching sessions gave me a lot more direction of what to do in the next chapters of my life. I still have some things to figure out but overall, I feel more focused since my return to school in August. Even though I didn't like meeting with my Pacia financial coach, I have found that some of the things I learned have really helped me.

My favorite experiences included sitting down as a group and planning excursions to other cities. Our coaches guided us through every step of the process including making our own transportation arrangments, renting a VRBO, planning each day, creating a budget, presenting the idea for approval, planning, meals, etc.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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