The Dublin Experience

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The time I spent in Dublin blew my expectations out of the water in every aspect. My internship itself gave me great hands experience and helped me learn a lot in my field. I did the didgital marketing for a The Church bar, restaraunt, nightclub and tourist attraction. They took me on a corporate event and because it was a tourist spot as well as bar and restaurant, I had plenty of perks when it came to food and bringing groups of people there for a night out.

The instructors were amazing, they were all very lively and outgoing and did an excellent job making everyone feel comfortable upon their arrival and the duration of your trip. They set up a variety of events and trips that I advise everyone to take advantage of. It’s a great opportunity to go out with the other interns and get to know them as well as taking part in something fun. There’s events that range from something as simple as a literary bar crawl to something as adventurous as a day trip to Cliffs of Moher and Galway.

Because I did the Summer program, My accommodation was located in UCD (University College Dublin). Where I shared an apartment with 3 other people. From my personal experience, the summer program offers a better living accomodation then the middle of the year. The group size of interns that come in the summer are drastically larger as well and everyone in the summer program are all placed together at UCD. Where in traditional housing you are placed in a house that is in supposed to be a convienient location from your Internship, however, your housemates are typically not from the Interngroup. I guess that can give it a real authentic experience. It would just depend on your personal preference at the end of the day.
-However, if you’re not a fan of the rain and cold weather, I would definitely advise going in the Summer.

The people you find throughout Ireland, particularly In Dublin, are very diverse and welcoming, of course with an exception of the occasion drunk. You’ll find that there’s actually a large amount of people that aren’t even from Ireland but are living, working or traveling there as well.

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