Event Management Internship

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Challenging, fast pace, always busy and never boring. Thats how i could describe my two months internship i had at an event management company here in Fukuoka. One has to understand doing an internship here in japan won't give you any special status of treatment by the other staff. I haven't received extra care and was treated like every other employee, which was a very good thing! Respect and trust was earned through hard work and i was even appointed the responsibility to lead my own student event from beginning to end.

A great thing working for an event company is you see so many business facets from planing the event, to doing the promotion and also managing the overall budget for it.

I learned so much from this experience and made valuable business contacts for my future career. Japan we will meet sooner than later!! Arigato!!!

How can this program be improved?
The staff at Meiji Academy did a great job and were very supportive throughout my internship. If there is anything that could be improved it would be making people more aware of how important it is to do some Japanese studies before the internship. I was lucky enough that I did the business workshop and three weeks of Japanese. My other friend skipped it and the difference was later so obvious in the internship.
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Yes, I would
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