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Meiji Academy is your Gateway to working and living in Japan!
We help you to find an internship tailored to your interests and goals.

Meiji Academy has partnered with over 100 companies in Fukuoka, where we are headquartered, and 350 companies all over Japan. Our partner companies are from a wide range of industries, which makes it easy for us to find an internship that suits you best!

Before you start your internship, you can also study the Japanese language in one of our Japanese courses, to prepare for your internship. We offer a course on Japanese Business language and manners to help you get familiar with the Japanese working life.

In addition, we help you arranging your stay in Japan from the very beginning. We offer different kinds of accommodation, like private apartments, shared flats and home-stay with a family. During your whole stay with us, we will also assist you with any questions or problems you might have and offer an abundance of social activities for you to join.

  • Gain work experience in global Japanese companies and make direct business contacts!
  • Choose from several industries, according to your interests and talents!
  • Learn business Japanese from teachers who have in-depth knowledge about the Japanese business world!
  • Experience the Japanese way of living, choosing among a Japanese host family, an international dormitory / share house, or in your own apartment!
  • Take part in social events and day trips, allowing you to make new friends from all over the world!

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  • Growth 9.7
  • Support 9.7
  • Fun 9.5
  • Housing 9
  • Safety 9
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Absolutely mindblowing time in Okinawa!

I did my internship in a water sports company. They organize several types of tourist tours for water sports activities. From snorkeling, SUP, diving, surfing up to Banana board riding. My hometown in Germany is great sea port city in North Germany, so naturally I am attracted to the sea.
When I was looking for an internship in Japan, I wanted to do something fun and outdoor. Meiji Academy listened to my wishes and found me this great internship, where I could also develop my communication skills and experience customer dealings first hand. I had a really goo time and some crazy experiences such as the "Ocean Walking" with the astronaut helmets! haha Check out the photos

I highly recommend Meiji Academy and wish to come back to Japan in the near future! Thanks for everything!!

How can this program be improved?
Everything was great. Meiji Academy was very responsive to all my inquiries and also introduced me to some local staff they had on site with my host company.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Hostel internship in Tokyo

I’m a 18 year old student from Switzerland who had close to zero working experience. I never thought I could have the opportunity to work in Japan but thanks to Meiji Academy, I was able to do it without any difficulty. Meiji academy found me a great internship in a Hostel in Asakusa, the traditional cultural center of Tokyo! I was very worried but thanks to the amazingly supportive teachers of Meiji academy and my private business lessons there, I was able to come on my first day very confidently. All of the hostel staff and higher-ups were super welcoming, caring and ready to guide and help me anytime I needed. By working in the tourist hub that is Tokyo, as much for foreigners than for Japanese people, I was able to learn a lot about the hospitality industry, at the same time as having a lot of fun with my colleagues! My tasks included managing the reservations, the check-ins and check-outs, answering the customer questions, guiding them around and more.
I think going abroad is the best way to learn and I highly recommend this program to anyone willing to challenge himself while still feeling really secured thanks to Meiji Acdemy’s great support !

Yes, I recommend this program
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Fresh Autumn Days with a Hot Internship!

I did my internship in a hot spring/hotel resort on the outside of Fukuoka City. I was so lucky enjoying the best of both worlds, relaxing countryside with unlimited hot spring baths (almost daily!!) and weekend parties in downtown Fukuoka. Too bad my three months internship was so quick over.

One thing I wanna stress out is, make sure to see Kyushu's countryside. It's beautiful and the locals are so friendly and eager making friends with you. If there wouldn't be the language barrier.

Anyway my Japanese got better after three months... Meiji bring me back to Kyushu!!!

How can this program be improved?
Offer more internships in Kyushu's countryside and other cities, not just Fukuoka City. However the program was well structured and good follow up support.
Yes, I recommend this program

best place for internship ever

I feel really lucky to have experience at such a good place like Meiji Academy. Everyone there is really nice and helpful and it is difficult to feel gap between colleagues or stress from superiors as they treat people fairly. Also working environment is really nice, you can have tea, coffee while you are working and also there is no need to worry about being blamed by having a small break. in terms of work, it was my first time to do those work, so it was all fresh to me, and I did learn a lot like how to write a blog efficiently.
Finally, What I want to say is if you are interested in Japan, but haven't found a way to lead you there. Meiji would be the best choice for you as they got very good connection to locals but they also know how to help new comers to adapt themselves to the new environment in Japan. So if you still have no idea if you should try Meiji, just directly contact them and then you will find your gate to Japan.

How can this program be improved?
more variable tasks and networking events would be great.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Law Internship in Nippon!

I have never thought it is possible to do a law internship in Japan. It always felt to me like being one of the industries, which is difficult to enter especially the language barrier, seemed a big obstacle. However Meiji Academy undertook a lot of effort to find me an internship related to patents and copyright infringements.

My main duties were focused on translation of documents, dealing with foreign customer enquiries, attending and setting up client meetings in advance. Experiencing how contract negotiations are done in Japan from first hand was an invaluable experience. I am really thankful for making this great internship possible. Merci and Arigatoo Gozaimasu Meiji!!!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Unforgettable Memories in Fukuoka

Previously I have studied abroad in Japan for a whole year, but what this internship experience taught me was above my expectations. Meiji Academy has guided me throughout the whole process and invested a lot of effort to organize me a personally tailored internship in a logistics company.

At first I was a very concerned if I would be able communicating with my Japanese colleagues. The cultural differences and social interaction seemed so complex in a corporate environment. Luckily the counseling and coaching workshops I received from Meiji Academy beforehand helped me a lot with overcoming these hurdles. My fellow colleagues were also really keen on helping me in understanding cultural peculiarities. They were very patient and answered all my questions I had related to how the workflow is being done. After an amazing six weeks my internship was already over and it was a very heartbreaking farewell with my colleagues…they even came to the airport with me…

Meiji Academy thanks for everything you did in making this internship possible.

Yes, I recommend this program

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