Amazing Experience

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 8
Safety: 10

I took individual lessons with a teacher who is a native Arabic speaker and teaches both Fusha and Amiya. On my first day, my teacher evaluated my level and asked me about my goals and interests in studying Arabic. He then prepared lessons that fit my expectations and level of proficiency. Throughout the month I spent at the Excellence Center, my teacher constantly tailored our classroom activities to my needs and interests. I feel that I learned a lot, and even though learning a new language is a long endeavor, I definitely made progress on that path.

Through my stay with a host family, I discovered Palestinian culture, family life, local cuisine, and daily challenges. I loved sitting together to talk and drink tea everyday! I also played with the children, cooked together with my host family, attended a local festival, and we went on a picnic in the countryside.

I used shared transportation and walked around Hebron by myself almost everyday, including at night, and felt very safe doing so. I also visited other parts of Palestine like Bethlehem, Jericho and Ramallah, without any problem. In Hebron, I visited the old city center, Ibrahimi Mosque, a glass and ceramic factory, a sandal factory, and Hebron University. Each visit was an opportunity to meet interesting people and practice Arabic!

I was amazed by the generosity, hospitality, friendliness, and resilience of the Palestinian people I met. They made me feel very welcome and comfortable. I recommend the Arabic Program of the Excellence Center to anyone interested in learning the Palestinian dialect and experiencing the Palestinian culture!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed