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I wish I had been able to stay for longer and bring more supplies for the Hospital and Clinic. I was impressed with the connection Abroaderview has arranged with the local hospital. This is a unique volunteer program. I knew I would not be able to change the way healthcare works in Honduras, but still it was very difficult to see things that so easily could be improved just by some logistics, more education, and better supplies. I am now thinking of ways I can help Honduras in the future. I Appreciated the unique opportunity to travel to La Ceiba with my daughter before she begins college and introduce her to another culture and climate and a very different way of life and level of health care. The local coordinator and all the people associated with him that we interacted with all placed a high priority on our safety. He only used cab drivers that he knew and has worked with many times. He checked in with us frequently and checked in with our host family and interpreter when he present with us to make sure we were making safe decisions about where to go and how to get there. I was surprised to say that the donation supplies I brought ended up being a highlight. I brought many things used for surgery here in US, things that were extra or leftover or expired or no longer sterile. They were excited! And fascinated by many things they have never seen. I brought one very fancy dressing for a wound. The head nurse immediately sent us to a post op patient and had us clean her wound and apply it. And wished we had more.

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