Practice Teaching is Critical

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Vantage immediately put my worries to rest. As I was relatively new to Thailand, had some key concerns about working in a foreign educational system. Vantage runs small classes as they teach via the workshop approach. The course was intensive, but always engaging, so the time just flew by.

The small class meant that the course highly personalized and we got a ton of help that I’m sure we wouldn’t in a larger size class. The trainers had nothing but time for us and I was provided with support each step of the way.

We did our observed teaching practice sessions at a nursing college—a really great experience. First, we had to formulate an ‘approved’ lesson plan before stepping into the classroom. After the class, observations from the trainers helped us improve immeasurably after each practice lesson. This was critical in my development as a professional teacher. After doing a live practicum, I don’t see how anyone could contemplate doing an online-only TEFL course and believe they were getting any practical training in the art of education.

Vantage showed me how to reach my full training potential. They really built up my confidence. They went out of their way to give us the foundational skill set to teach English and the platform to become great teachers.

If you’re thinking about a career in education, I would recommend Vantage without hesitation.

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