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Feb 16, 2023
Nov 23, 2023
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About Program

Vantage is an American accredited, internationally recognized, and validated by Lamar University (Texas, USA).

Thailand’s highest-rated TEFL program, established in 2007, offers three TEFL certification programs.

The in-Class Course is given onsite over four weeks. This includes six hours of observed teaching practices (OTP).

The Combined Hybrid Course is where you study teaching methodologies online first and then complete your OTPs in a real school.

All Vantage courses include a full practicum of six observed teaching practices with non-English speaking students in real classrooms.

Vantage provides lifetime job support. They’ll craft your own Power Resume, formulate a personal job search strategy, and coach you on interviewing techniques.

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Program Highlights

  • Vantage won #1 in Instruction, Support & Job Assistance in the worldwide 2022 Community Choice Awards.
  • 4-Week, 120-hour, In-Class TEFL Training Course in Bangkok - Visa Assistance - 6 Job Support – Six Observed Teaching Practices in Real Schools -
  • Provide lifelong job support. They have partnerships with leading Thai English education providers that place hundreds of teachers in prestigious Thai schools every year.
  • Vantage’s Hybrid Combined Course—a blend of online study + observed teaching practice in real classrooms—was named #1 in “The 9 Best Online TEFL Courses.”
  • A TEFL Treasure Trove of information. Download the free "Teaching in Thailand eBook:" https://bit.ly/2YQGEmf

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Yes, I recommend this program

Five Stars!

I did Vantage’s Combined TEFL course, where you do the coursebook online and then, in phase two, do your observed teaching practices (OTPs) in a classroom with real students. While I was waiting to do my practice teaching, Vantage invited by to ‘sit in’ any of the In-Class TEFL sessions that I wanted.

This is different than the online course. I could see that their lead trainer Chris is an awesome instructor! It has some sort of magic power to make lessons easy to understand. He also gave great guidance on our lesson planning before we proceeded with the OTPs.

As for the 6 OTPs, we did four hours of teaching in a real classroom and two hours of online teaching. We got to teach Thai students of different ages—from kindergarten to college students. We also observed professional teachers in action as well.

After each teaching session, we received feedback from the Vantage trainers who shared their own teaching experiences while giving me valuable detailed feedback on my performance in the classroom.

This really helped us improve for the next teaching session. got better with each practice class. This was truly a great experience!

Ryan’s class about Thai culture is really interesting and his ‘dos and don’ts in Thai schools are crucial for those who want to teach English in Thailand.

Kevin’s resume writing class is really useful, and I’m looking forward to landing a teaching job in Bangkok soon.

Besides the trainers, I had really lovely classmates who supported and motivated each other all the time. I was lucky to be with the right people at the right time.

Overall, Vantage’s trainers are very approachable, supportive, and knowledgeable. If there are any doubts about the course content, or visa-related concerns, or wanting to know more about a teaching career in Thailand, just talk to these amazing trainers. They gave good advice and shared interesting stories too.

On a more practical note, for those who worry about Vantage’s location and neighborhood…. their locale has got you covered. The nearest Skytrain station is Ratchayothin, only a five-minute walk away. And there’s a lot of local food and also fast-food restaurants at nearby malls.

I like to give, a huge shoutout to Vantage’s Chris, Kevin, and Ryan! You guys have been nothing but the best! If you want to be successful in the classroom, Vantage TEFL is the one!

Five stars all the way!

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Yes, I recommend this program

From 0% to Classroom Ready

I just graduated from my TEFL course last Friday.

A very super thank you to Chris, Kevin and Ryan for making Vantage one of the best TEFL programs out there. I’m not surprised they have won so many awards!

A month ago, I had zero teaching experience. Today I can proudly claim that I feel comfortable teaching in any classroom, I can create effective lesson plans that meet the teaching goals I want my students to achieve.

The Vantage team will believe in you, yet push your limits. They will improve your teaching skills to make you feel comfortable as a new professional.

I’m definitely more than satisfied with my experience. I recommend Vantage to anyone who wants a career teaching in the educational field. Stop thinking about it. Just do it!

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Yes, I recommend this program

A Perfect 10!

It was not easy searching for TEFL courses in Bangkok and deciding on the best one to attend. There are so many to choose from.

However, after I chose Vantage all my stress and doubts were gone.

Everything, from day one to my graduation was unbelievable. I got a lot of teaching knowledge and my confidence in the classroom increased through the great feedback I got after each practice teaching session.

I did a lot of private tutoring before I did my TEFL so I had significant teaching experience. Having said that, the methodology and techniques I learned here have made me a far better teacher than I ever was before.

Coming to Vantage was the best decision I ever made.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A Transformative Experience

My participation in Vantage’s TEFL/TESOL course was an incredibly rewarding experience. Vantage’s instructors on the course --Chris, Ryan and Kevin—were simply outstanding trainers.

Their expertise and passion for teaching English were evident from the beginning. They provided comprehensive, well-structured lessons that covered a wide range of teaching methodologies, classroom management techniques, and language acquisition theories. With their guidance, I was able to gain a clear understanding of the most effective strategies for fostering language learning in diverse classrooms.

The course curriculum was impressively comprehensive. From the foundations of TEFL/TESOL teaching to in-depth lessons on lesson planning, assessment, and individual student needs, every aspect was thoughtfully designed and delivered. The material was both engaging and accessible, ensuring that everyone could benefit equally.

Where this course really stood out was the emphasis on practicality. Not only did we gain theoretical knowledge, but we also had the chance to observe experienced teachers in real classroom settings, which gave us invaluable insights into effective teaching practices.

The course also incorporated opportunities for us to plan and deliver our own lessons under supervision, receiving invaluable feedback from both instructors and peers. This practical approach allowed us to develop our skills while building confidence in our abilities as future EFL/ESL teachers.

The support provided during the course was exceptional. The instructors were readily available to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer suggestions for further development. Support at this level nurtured a positive learning atmosphere, where collaboration and peer-to-peer learning were actively encouraged. Vantage’s program felt like a community of aspiring professionals coming together to learn and to grow.

My experience with this TEFL course has been nothing short of transformative. This course has equipped me with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to excel in teaching English language as a second language.

I would highly recommend Vantage Tefl Certification to anyone embarking on a career in English language education. It truly exceeded my expectations and has equipped me with all the tools I need to make a positive impact in the lives of English language learners.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Mentored by the Best

TELF is run by three instructors. Lead trainer Chris instructs the actual teaching training. Much of the instruction is by elicitation and you will take an active part in class discussions. Chris is a very experienced teacher with a very pleasant demeanor. He makes training look effortless, but it takes many years of experience to become so polished.

The course is comprehensive and ranges from English grammar to, teaching techniques, to observed teaching practices. Previous teaching is not required, but there is much content that requires extensive study. This course is intensive. One aspect I found challenging was keeping a daily journal. I didn’t always enjoy working on my journal after a long day of study, but in the end, I found the work worthwhile.

The course content was much more extensive than I was ever taught at school. Today I feel I am ready to deal with almost any aspect of the English language. I am ready to be successful in the classroom.

The two other instructors, Kevin and Ryan, teach aspects relating to job interviews and Thai culture as well as Thai language. I found that all the instructors were very approachable and offered good advice when asked.

In conclusion, I recommend this course to anyone who aspires to teaching English as a foreign language and I commend the professionalism with which the instructors carried out their duties.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A Great Experience

I had a truly great time at Vantage TEFL. A big thanks to their trainers—Chris, Ryan and Kevin, for their dedicated support.

Before I started the course, I was nervous and unsure. By the end of the first day of the course, the Vantage team melted all of that away. They are awesome!

I learned so much from this course over the 4 weeks. It was quite intensive at times, but always fun and always engaging.

Lead trainer Chris presented the TEFL curriculum as he taught important language points with key examples. He shared his decades of teaching experience in Thai classrooms. This is stuff you just can’t get from an online course. He is also hilarious.

We learned to teach through the ESA teaching methodology, how to craft lesson plans, and then we taught six observed teaching practices. After each class, we would first do a self-evaluation and then get valuable feedback from the Vantage trainers. This is where I learned how to be successful in the classroom.

Vantage has their own dedicated Jobs Coach. Kevin showed us how to create Power Resumes and other job documentation. He has been an amazing help to me after the course in applying for jobs around Bangkok.

Ryan was an awesome instructor in teaching about Thai culture and lessons on Thai Language.

One area Vantage excels is in its support. Whenever I needed help it was always available. Just a call or email away. I would recommend this course to anyone who’s thinking about a career in Teaching ESL.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Much More than my Expectations!

I feel highly satisfied with my time training with Vantage. I learned a lot from their intensive classes. Sometimes it was a bit tiring, but it was always highly engaging.

Vantage provided a very positive class environment with excellent teachers. I learned valuable teaching skills and new ways to motivate students.

I didn’t take this class to find a job. I’m already a teacher back home. I wanted to learn more professional techniques and teaching methods to be even better in the classroom.

My expectations have been more than realized. Vantage has been a truly great experience. It was a great decision to learn at Vantage TEFL.

I really loved my practice teaching sessions, Vantage trainers observed and gave valuable feedback, after each session. I improved my teaching skills and learned how to be more successful in the classroom.

The teaching practices were for different ages and proficiency levels—from young learners to primary and secondary school to college-aged nursing students were really an unforgettable experience.

Vantage TEFL is the complete program. Whether you just want to start out as a teacher or you’ve been a teacher for years, these are the people to talk to.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A Very Big 'Thank You'

A big thank you directed to Chris, Kevin and Ryan, and the Vantage team for this excellent 120-hour In-Class TEFL course! It far exceeded my expectations.

The new communications approach to langue teaching was emphasized. In particular, the ESA lesson planning approach was eye-opening and completely changed my idea of how to effectively teach a language.

Vantage provided me with guidance on how to become a successful English Teacher every step of the way. I now feel very confident to help my students raise their English proficiency regardless of starting level or their age.

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