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No one pays full price at Vantage. We have special deals for Early Birds and Group Packages.

And through our TEFL Silk Road program, you’ll get US$500 off Vantage’s tuition with a guaranteed job in China. And earn a highly competitive US$2,550 monthly package with a US$860 signing bonus.

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Sep 27, 2020
Oct 23, 2022
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About Program

Vantage is an American accredited, internationally recognized, and validated by Lamar University (Texas, USA).

Thailand’s highest-rated TEFL program, established in 2007, offers three TEFL certification programs.

The in-Class Course is given onsite over four weeks. This includes six hours of observed teaching practices (OTP).

The Combined Hybrid Course where you study teaching methodologies online first and then complete your OTPs in a real school.

The 150-hour Virtual Vantage is 100% online. Complete the online course, then do your OTPs in a virtual class.

All Vantage courses include a full practicum of six observed teaching practices with non-English speaking students in real classrooms.

Vantage provides lifetime job support. They’ll craft your own Power Resume, formulate a personal job search strategy, and coach you on interviewing techniques.

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Program Highlights

  • A TEFL Treasure Trove of information. Download the free "Teaching in Thailand eBook:" https://bit.ly/2YQGEmf
  • Vantage was awarded #1 worldwide as the "Top TEFL Course" in the 2018 Community Choice Awards.
  • Virtual Vantage—a completely virtual course that includes an online coursebook study and a live online streamed teaching practicum.
  • Vantage’s Hybrid Combined Course—a blend of online study + observed teaching practice in real classrooms—was named #1 in “The 9 Best Online TEFL Courses.”
  • Provide lifelong job support. They have partnerships with leading Thai English education providers that place hundreds of teachers in prestigious Thai schools every year.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Time and Money Well Spent

When deciding on the best TEFL program, I first did a ton of online research for a program that would meet my needs.

As I am a non-native speaker, I required a highly professional class course that would make me successful in the classroom. In my case, l wasn’t just looking for a job. I was also searching for a program that could help me build a new career in the education field.

Vantage turned out to be my ticket. Throughout the entire course, they helped me clear my doubts and insecurities until the end of the course

We did six observed teaching practices (OTPs) during the course. The teaching sessions gave me the confidence to start believing in myself and my capability as a teacher.

Without the Vantage team's—Kevin, Chris, and Ryan—continuous support, it would have been impossible for me to get through all those OTPs. My money was very well spent going to Vantage TEFL. They like to say new teachers are born in the classroom. That certainly was true in my case.

I really enjoyed my time on the course and learned a lot. Thank you Vantage TEFL!

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Yes, I recommend this program

All my Concerns Addressed

I did a lot of research—and had many questions—in choosing the right TEFL provider. Vantage easily and promptly answered all my queries and guided me through every step of the process of getting my visa and getting set up in Thailand.

The TEFL course was always challenging—there was a lot of material that was covered—but Vantage’s Lead Trainer was always engaging and he made every unit of the course thought-provoking. He made my TEFL dreams a reality.

The courses took me through all the different aspects of TEFL teaching efficiently so I now have a clear understanding of English grammar, pronunciation, and teaching—and importantly how to manage a classroom.

Vantage also presented a foreign cultural orientation and their “do’s and don’ts’” in a Thai classroom was a vital part a gave me insight into the Thai culture It was put into practice during my six observed teaching practices to Thai-speaking students.

I am very gratified to have worked with the professionals at Vantage TEFL.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Not Enough Good Things to Say

It’s the Vantage Team that makes their TEFL experience invaluable.

Lead Trainer Chris, has a perfect grasp of the material and the wit to make it all accessible. He is funny, astute and always engaging which motivated everyone in my class

The most valuable part of the course for me was the observed teaching practices. I acquired practical, hands-on experience across a variety of different classroom situations. The feedback I got from Vantage provided a realistic assessment of my strengths—and areas I still needed to work on—by an experienced practitioner.

Ryan’s foreign language sessions showed me what’s its like to be on the other side of the desk as a struggling student. I also learned the basics of Thai culture and Thai language. This should be very useful as I adjust to a very different country.

The Jobs strategy sessions surprised me. I thought I had heard all there was on this subject, but Kevin provided compelling content I had not considered before. And bottom line, Vantage found me a job with a good employer before graduation.

That alone merits my strongest recommendation.

If you are coming to Thailand to teach English, these are the guys you need to talk to.

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Yes, I recommend this program

The Successful Start

At the beginning of my TEFL journey, I researched many TEFL programs from many countries throughout South East Asia.

Vantage was the only program to professionally answer all my questions. Their professionalism was then extended throughout the course and I can say without hesitation that I made the right choice.

Chris, their Lead Trainer, was always clear with his presentations and he always tried to get more out of his students. This made it easy for me to participate in the class discussions and motivated me to really learn the material. He has a way of making the course content even more interesting and engaging with jokes and references.

I could not have asked for a better teacher to help me become a teacher.

I will definitely use all the methods and techniques I’ve learned at Vantage at my new school where I will be teaching.

But it didn’t stop with the TEFL training. Vantage helped tremendously in landing me a great teaching position—I signed my contract with an exclusive school in Bangkok before even graduating from the course!

I’m not sure where else you get opportunities like this!

If you are embarking on a new education career like I am, these are the people than can turn your dreams into reality.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Vantage has it All!

When I first began considering TEFL graining, I first researched the need for even doing a TEFL and then spent a lot of time comparing the various programmes.

I've contacted Vantage’s course director, and he gave me invaluable support. Initially, I was unable to obtain a visa, so I asked Vantage and they sent all the paperwork I needed to get my visa in hand.

Chris, the lead TEFL instructor, has decades of teaching experience. He displays the methods he uses when instructing others on how to teach. Even the grammar lessons were engaging and surprising quite interesting. His teaching method, which is a workshop-based approach, is an excellent example of how to be a great teacher.

The course was more intensive and challenging than I expected, but Vantage motivated and supported me every step of the way. Especially in our observed practice teaching sessions. Throughout the course, we were always engaged and motivated by the camaraderie and energy in the classroom.

We also learned about Thai culture and language from Ryan. We also discussed what you can and can't do in a Thai classroom, which I found very beneficial.

In the last week of the program, I got a lot of help in job support and interview coaching. Vantage went above and beyond to help students with resumes, cover letters, and other job-related needs.

Vantage had it all—in one highly professional package.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Completely Supportive TEFL Training

I read a lot of TEFL program renews to learn who was truly good at training new teachers
In my initial conversations with Vantage, I was given a full run down of the course as well as important information on where to stay and what I could expect during the one month course.

Throughout the course, Vantage was completely supportive. Their lead trainer is very competent and professional. I learned new techniques like the ESA teaching approach. Other things like grammar (not one of my favorite subjects) were explained in a completely new way that I could easily understand.

What I liked best about Vantage were the observed teaching practices. The feedback and guidance I got really gave me the teaching skills I now have. I felt more confident after each teaching session. I was also more motivated to prepare even better lessons.

Vantage also gave me an overview of Thai culture and what I should do—and shouldn’t do—when teaching Thais. It was very useful for me during my teaching sessions and I’m sure during my teaching career.

If you are looking for a professional class TEFL course, Vantage will teach you how to teach, and they will support you every step of the way.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Truly Professional Class Training

I firmly recommend Vantage TEFL Thailand. It’s a top-ranked program, and it showed as they always went the extra mile for me.

Their In-Class course is a 4-week intensive program and it’s very detailed and carefully directed by the lead trainer Chris.

It is a bit of work. Having said that, the classes were always engaging and the time just flew by. Our observed teaching practices were the most intensive part of the course—especially the first few lessons. But I was amazed by how well I knew how to manage my way around a classroom by the end.

I’m now confident to teach anyone anywhere!

Vantage also provides a great orientation for those new to Thailand's cultural settings and language.

Vantage also offered me great job services. I worked with them in creating my own Power Resume and I had a number of job offers within two weeks of graduation before choosing my current school.

Vantage truly is an efficient, world-class program for anyone dreaming about starting a teaching career in Thailand. I can recommend Vantage without hesitation and I can say that it would be one of the best decisions you ever made.

  • Truly a personalized approach to training
  • They work with you until you are ready for the classroom.
  • The make parts of teaching that I thought were boring--like grammar--interesting.
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Yes, I recommend this program

A Teacher is Born

While doing research for Thai-based TEFL course providers, I came across Vantage. What immediately caught my attention was the number of awards that they have won, In particular, I was very impressed by their recognition for being the best global TEFL provider in 2018 and 2021.

Diving deeper, I got in touch with them to understand what makes them tick. All my questions were handled promptly and I learned how the course would be conducted and the type of teaching practices I would do to get real-life hands-on teaching experience to non-English speaking students.

Apart from their teaching training lessons, Vantage also includes their ‘foreign language experience’ where they explain local Thai culture in basic Thai language lessons.
Vantage’s 1-month course was intensive. Nevertheless, I was always engaged and motivated to be able to put the things that were taught—and I was coached on—into my observed teaching practice sessions.

The post-course follow-up by Vantage—much of it focusing on job service skills such as resume creation and interview skills—is something you won’t get with other providers. Vantage is very detailed in helping you prepare for a career in teaching.
I would highly recommend Vantage to anyone who is looking to teach in Thailand.

30 people found this review helpful.

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