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The After-Class Glow
The After-Class Glow
Now with more Experience
Now with more Experience
Team Activities
Team Activities
I'm now working at a great Thai school
I'm now working at a great Thai school
Engaging my Students
Engaging my Students
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Class is session
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Speaking Practice
One of my practice classes
One of my practice classes


American Accreditation—internationally recognized—validated by Lamar University in Texas, USA.

Established in 2007, and Thailand’s highest-rated TEFL program, Bangkok-based Vantage TEFL offers two separate TEFL certification programs.

The first option is a 120 hour In-Class Course that’s given over four weeks. This includes six hours of observed teaching practices (the practicum).

The second option is our Combined Hybrid Course where you study teaching methodologies online first and then complete your teaching practicum.

Both courses include a full practicum of six observed teaching practices with non-English speaking students in a real Thai classroom.

Vantage provides expert lifetime job support. They’ll craft your own Power Resume, formulate a personal job search strategy and coach you on interviewing techniques.

  • Vantage was awarded #1 worldwide as the "Top TEFL Course" in the 2018 Community Choice Awards.
  • Vantage’s Hybrid Combined Course—a blend of online study + observed teaching practice in real classrooms—was named #1 in “The 9 Best Online TEFL Courses.”
  • Provide lifelong job support. They have partnerships with leading Thai English education providers that place hundreds of teachers in prestigious Thai schools every year.
  • Provide a Thai cultural orientation—including the do’s and the don’ts of teaching in Thai schools
  • The TEFL Silk Road—Teacher training with a guaranteed job in China at one of their partner’s 91+ academies in 17 cities (with a $500 TEFL tuition discount)

The Thai Academic Year

The Thai school year begins in mid-May with the monsoon. The first semester ends in early October with students returning for the second semester at the end of October.

The two-term breaks are peak hiring times. February to May—leading up to the new academic year is the busiest school hiring period.

And secondly, September through October during the midterm break sees an increase in hiring activity.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A Five Star Experience

My time spent with Vantage was nothing short of spectacular. Everyone was very welcoming and the trainers always extended their help when it was needed. Vantage TEFL is very supportive before, during and even after the course was completed.

Every lesson was taught so that everyone could learn. Every session was taught so that the students understood the information before moving on to the next unit. Vantage’s trainers always involved each student and made them feel like a team player.

The practice teaching was great! We taught diverse students in a range of settings. Teaching 6 and 7 years olds in a Thai government school with large class sizes of up to forty made me reach for skills I didn’t know I had. Then teaching smaller groups of 18 year old college kids in a nursing college was the other side of the spectrum. The valuable feedback I got from Vantage of each observed practice class made the next session that much better.

I never felt alone at Vantage and from the get-go they gave me assurance that no matter how many struggles that I would face, they would always have my back.

After the program was over I still received updates from the friendly staff and information about jobs available that fit my personal goals.

Thank your Vantage for the many opportunities that you provided and the long lasting friendship that we've made.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Skeptical at First

To be honest, I was a little skeptical in the beginning as to whether the Vantage TEFL course would be stimulating or interesting enough to hold my attention for 120 hours.
Vantage TEFL super exceeded my expectations in all areas!

Chris our lead trainer, has a couple of decades of teaching experience, and it shows as he gave us so many tips from his experience that you would not get on the online course. He’s a highly qualified trainer.

The communicative approach to language teaching—particularly the ESA method …Engage, Study, Activate was something new for me. I find this method works very well in theory and in practice… is basically a common-sense way of teaching a foreign language to non-native speakers.

We also learned how to formulate a viable lesson plan, which was the first step in our six observed teaching sessions. I got better and better every time I taught and I believe the self-evolution together with Vantage’s professional feedback was the key reason why.
The constructive criticism, support, and encouragement that the group received during the course has been fantastic and to leave knowing that that support continues is a wonderful safety net.

All in all, the course and the trainers at Vantage delivered a professional, world-class TEFL course.

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Yes, I recommend this program

The Start of a Journey

I did a lot of research on which would be the best 120-hour In-Class program to take in Bangkok. That was the beginning of my journey.

For me the course content was really eye-opening. I learned a lot about the English language and how it’s structured--a language I've been speaking all my life!

The practice teaching is where it all came together. The theory of the classroom was put into lesson plans one language topic at time.

The Vantage trainers are experts at observation. They could immediately show me what my strengths were and identify any areas I needed to address. I got better with each of my practice sessions and my end I really felt I had the teaching skill set I need to begin my journey as a successful English teacher.

If you’re thinking long term—a career in education—this is the team you need.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A Great Investment

I researched many TEFL course providers to see where I could get the best In-Class training. Vantage kept coming up again and again in multiple reviews.

But before choosing my course, I sent many e-mails to Kevin about my concerns about finding a teaching position after graduation in the hospitality field. He was more than helpful and always reassured me. He then gave me proper guidance on my creating a Power Resume and techniques to succeed in an interview.

I also had concerns regarding an In-Class vs an online TEFL. After two days spent with Chris, the lead trainer, I immediately felt that I have chosen the right course. He is really knowledgeable and he makes grammar fun! This and all the other techniques and tricks shared by the Vantage training team is invaluable and has no price tag on it.

Being able to train with real students in a live classroom--both kids and young adults—is a big strength of Vantage. The feedback and constructive criticism after each of my practice class saw me improve and gain confidence after each training session.

Vantage has been one of the best ‘Investments’ I’ve made for myself in a long time!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Ready to Start a New Career

I enrolled in the Combined Course where I did the 20 unit course book online after which Vantage directed the six observed teaching practices that were required.

The program far exceeded my expectations.

First I had to formulate a lesson plan—each one on a separate language topic. Then those were reviewed by Vantage trainers and, once approved, I sourced for materials that I would use to deliver the learning objective.

The practice teaching opportunities were with actual students and quite challenging. Vantage guided me each step of the way. The instructors were engaging throughout the process and gave me detailed critiques of my teaching.

I learned a lot during my two weeks and I feel much better prepared now to start my teaching career.

I highly recommend the Vantage programs for those embarking on a teaching career.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Learning the ESA Methodology

I’m an English teacher in Russia. I have been teaching students for a few years and while I’ve had some success, I felt I could benefit from a more professional approach to language teaching. That brought me to Vantage.

Here I learned the communicative approach of the ESA methodology (Engage, Study & Activate) of teaching English. Under Vantage’s supervised guidance, I had the flexibility to conduct a classroom in an organized and productive way. By engaging the students—rather than my old lecture-style—I was surprised how I could keep the students interested, motivated and eager to learn more.

The engage phase keeps students interested, the study phase helps students to learn, and the activate phase helps put into practice what they have studied. I discovered that an ESA class can be structured in any way that is best for the teacher and the topic I’m teaching.
The ESA approached has radically changed my teaching. I used to use a grammar heavy approach to English, which, truth be told, did not keep my old students sufficiently motivated.

I am also very grateful to the Vantage trainers--Chris, Kevin, and Ryan – such an incredible team and they help a lot with everything you need during the course.

I am very excited to teach English and apply all the new ESA methodology and techniques in my teaching.

I definitely recommend the Vantage TEFL Bangkok to anyone who wants to be an effective teacher.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching at All Levels

Vantage TEFL gave me an unrivaled teaching experience. This course taught me how to prepare and shape my lesson planning for the needs of my students. I’ve learned how to teach both kids and adults. I now feel confident to teach English to students of any level.
The Lead trainer is highly professional and very knowledgeable. He helped us achieve a very high level of competency. We had lots of opportunities to practice teach—first at the college level where we taught young adults—then, switching gears, also at the primary school, where we got the opportunity to teach young 6 years old kids

In addition to our training as future English teachers, the course also had a foreign language component that consisted of Thai language and culture orientation classes. Particularly useful was how Vantage incorporated the culture segments with a do’s and don’ts when teaching in a Thai school. This is a must for those who want to teach in Thailand. I had considered doing my TEFL in Australia and then come to Thailand to teach. I wouldn’t have gotten anything close to a cultural grounding and acclimatization if I had stayed home.

In addition, Vantage has its own dedicated jobs coach. This man has taught us how to create an exceptional resume and cover letter, which is an invaluable skill that everybody should have in today’s competitive teaching industry.
Thank you Vantage. Taking this course was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Grooming tomorrow's teachers today

I'm so thankful in my choice of Vantage TEFL Center as it was among the best decision I've ever made.
The Vintage team was instrumental in the successful completion of my TEFL certification and they have put such a great time and effort into preparing us for teaching career ahead.
I have gained tremendous personal growth while studying at Vantage.
Vantage is the highest-ranked TEFL program in the language industry which is dedicated to empowering ,motivating and grooming tomorrow's teachers today.
Vantage taught us how to formulate an effective lesson plan ,which we then taught in six observed practice teaching classes in a real Thai School . The course also include peer teaching and a Thai foreign language experience so we could know what it feel to learn a new language and to be in the same shoes as our students .
The Course Instructor is absolutely amazing .
He has many years of teaching experience and is an expert in an outstanding teaching methodology .He kept me motivated when I was nervous with my teaching lessons .
The Course Drector is ever so helpful as he always provide assistance to students with accommodation, creating power resume cover letters , and job support and coaching us on interview techniques.
I highly recommend Vantage TEFL Center as they are committed to excellence .
They are highly experienced professions and a great place to be if you want to be part of a community of great teachers that they have produced.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
Giving lesson to real students,i overcome it with laughter and just have fun while teaching.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Extremely Pleased

I researched a lot of other TEFL course online and I also talked with English language teachers and they all had very positive feedback about Vantage. Vantage’s reputation is well-founded. Their course was excellent and we were taught by extremely knowledgeable and talented staff.

I took the In-Class course which combined the teaching theory with actual practical teaching. We taught six practice lessons at a college and also a primary and secondary school. I got great feedback after each session as well as a new challenge to incorporate in my next class
This practice training was excellent and the feedback and guidance we got from the staff at Vantage were first-rate. This is where I really developed my teaching skills. I’m now ready to teach anywhere to pretty much anyone.

The Vantage team is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and experts in their profession. The programme was intense but enjoyable and everyone was helpful. They even assisted with my resume and job support documentation and then tapped me into their extensive education network for teaching positions. I secured a full-time position before I had completed the course!

I would highly recommend Vantage to anyone interested in a teaching career at Thailand’s best schools.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Decades of Experience

The Vantage training team have a wealth of experience in education. Their lead trainer has been in the profession since the mid-90s and their small class sizes means that I and my classmates got a lot of extra personal attention through every part of their course.

I also really benefited from their workshop style of presentation which allows learners to absorb a great deal of the curriculum without feeling any undue stress or information overload. Indeed, as the daily classes were so engaging, time just flew by.

Vantage gave me the courage to stand in front of a class. I learned how to craft a professional lesson plan—which I used with new teaching techniques to deliver successful—and fun—practice English classes. What really jumpstarted my teaching skills was the detailed feedback after every practice session—and the challenge I was given for the next class.

Vantage also has a lot of connections on the job front. They have their own specialized Jobs coach. He sat with me to create a power resume and a highly effective cover letter and other job support documentation. I was coached on interviewing techniques and how to formulate a personalized job search strategy. Since I’m a proficient non-native speaker, I was coached on how to deal with the non-native English speaker objections.

All I can say is, it was great fun. I had a fantastic time with my fellow trainees—my new friends—and I’m ready to use my new teaching skills. If you want to become a professional teacher, the Vantage trainers are the people to talk to.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Honing My Teaching Skills

I’m an experience teaching as I’ve taught over seven years in Thai schools. What I needed was a TEFL course where I could further develop my skills to become a more effective teacher.

Vantage proved to be just the ticket!

It was an intensive course, but I improved a lot in terms of formulating successful lesson plans and creating subsequent class materials. I also was introduced to the communicative approach to language teaching—the ESA methodology in particular—and how to engage students to keep them fully motivated and buy into my class.

Actually it’s not too surprising that Vantage was right for what I needed. Their trainers were very knowledgeable and have decades of experience in teaching and the education sector. These guys always went the extra mile to help me and my classmates during our course.

I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to teach in Thailand or around the world.

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Yes, I recommend this program

An Outstanding TEFL Center

My rigorous research for the right TEFL center in Bangkok took me to several actual visits to various course providers. In the end, only one school stood out. When I came to Vantage, I immediately knew I was in a professional training center.

The Course Director met me personally and I peppered him with questions and my many concerns. It was then I knew I had found the right place. Vantage’s facilities are very modern and clean and the main training room had a wall of windows looking out to Bangkok’s iconic Elephant building.

The lead trainer, Chris, has been teaching English in Thailand for well over twenty years. He has over two decades of teaching and materials development experience. That and his great sense of humor that made all his class engaging—even the grammar lessons.

Vantage also has a dedicated trainer for the foreign language experience as well as the own Jobs Coach. He got me my first job offer about halfway through the course. I learned that many Thai agencies and schools specifically come and ask for Vantage’s TEFL graduates—something that puts them in a league of their own as compared with other TEFL certification courses.

In our practice teaching sessions, I got to teach a wide variety of students. I taught primary, secondary and even college students. The bottom line is that I ready to teach anyone, anywhere.

I highly recommend the highly-rated Vantage TEFL certification course. If like me, you’re looking for a career in education, these are the people you should be talking to.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I did my Research

I spent a lot of time looking at various TEFL programs. Yes, there is a lot of choices out there, but in going through independent review websites, I got a really good idea of what they were all about. Too many TEFL course reviews were just about the friends they made and the good time they had. The reviews about Vantage really stood out in that they detailed the TEFL program specifically. I figured that alums who took the time to write a thorough review must be highly satisfied with the teacher training they got.

Vantage’s course was comprehensive, more so than I initially thought. During my ‘course month,’ I was always kept busy. What made this all fun was that the material was always engaging, and the trainer was quite humorous. The time just flew by.

For me, the teaching practices really made me into a teacher and gave me the skills to teach and importantly, the confidence I needed to step in front of a class. We practiced teaching to real non-English speaking (Thai) students. After each class, I had to do a self-reflection of my own performance and then I got my observed feedback from Vantage’s trainers which was crucial in my getting better with each practice session.

We first learned how to create effective lesson plans, source teaching materials, and then how to incorporate them into a successful class. I have a BS degree in education, but the communicative approach to language teaching that I learned at Vantage was all new to me.

Vantage has their own Jobs Coach and he’ll show you how to build a Power Resume, craft cover letters and train you on interviewing techniques. As I’m a non-native speaker, I was coached on how to position that as an advantage—in ways I never considered before.
If you’re like me and looking for a career in teaching, Vantage should be your first port of call!

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Yes, I recommend this program

The Unequivocal Choice

My TEFL experience at Vantage was an intensive course that incorporated both teaching theory and practical lessons. The observed practice teaching was really important in giving me the key teaching skills I need. I now have the confidence to step into any classroom because I have the skills to know what I’m doing in front of my class.

Vantage trainers are diligent, understanding and extremely knowledgeable. They were able to handle any of the questions from my class. I feel that I achieved a high level of personal and professional accomplishment from completing their course

Everyone in the Vantage team really goes the extra mile to ensure you have a successful start in your teaching career. I was given a ton of teaching resources—both inside and outside of the classroom

Overall, I am extremely pleased with Vantage. Their training has provided me with the foundational skillset and the confidence to teach anywhere in the world.

This was a great investment—in myself! I would recommend Vantage as my unequivocal choice for those looking to gain a high-quality TEFL training experience and a professional certification.

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Yes, I recommend this program

If you are serious about teaching, Vantage is the TEFL training program you need.

I’m very happy that I chose Vantage to complete my TEFL Certification. Their team is dedicated to providing a thorough and effective program so that every student leaves with the skills and confidence they need to teach well and succeed. We learned best practices, how to write and deliver effective lessons that have students using the language and we even gained a much clearer understanding of the rules of English grammar.

The program is not easy and includes 6 hours of teaching practice in real schools; but teaching is not an easy profession. If you are serious about teaching, ignore the beach fantasies and enroll at Vantage. You will gain the knowledge and confidence you need to get started. They even lined up my first job in a good school (there are lots of bad ones) before I was even finished.