Italy: Take Me Back

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Italy was such an amazing experience with my professors and our provider CAPA.I had a blast exploring the city of Florence led by my amazing professors. The thing I loved most about the trip was it didn't even feel like school. The classes were taught in an amazing way where a lot of the learning was centered towards different places around the city. For example, most of our class days were exploring museums, cultural sites, and the beauties of the city. CAPA was also a great provider because of their passion for making their students' time abroad the best it can be. The staff was friendly and the accommodations were clean and nice. We stayed 5 minutes from where classes were held, and the apartments ranged from 5-30 minutes walk as well. On the weekends, the majority of us took trips to destinations outside the city. I went to the Alfmafi coast and Croatia as well. These trips were so awesome and I'm glad I had the chance to take them. Going abroad was so much fun and the adventures I had with new friends will last a lifetime.

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Acquire meal plans for students with local restaurants
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