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Hello, Viewer! I shall try to keep this short and sweet...at least to the best of my ability.
So Im Noah, 16 years old, and a Junior in High School. I completed a two week language-camp in Arcachon, France. I was stuck with one year of French in school after the instructor retired and I was eager to get credit for a second. My Father had been encouraging me to go through with this program for a different reason, however: for a nice experience. He was very supportive and I was nervous and doubtful beyond belief. I was worrying about the smallest details in making the decision to go or not, then I decided to "jump off the bridge and build the plane on the way down," as it were. I knew that, without all those tiny stressors I was thinking about, an experience such as this was bound to be fun and fruitful all around.
So, I told my dad I'd do it; I was still nervous, and still anxious, but I found a comfort in knowing the decision was irrevocable. In the couple months I had before Summer, I realized how trivial the little problems were; TSA trouble, Airport maneuvering, Family introduction. Ha, I laugh at myself now.
I got to France and the family was so welcoming. Greenheart Travel did in amazing job in placing me with respect to my preferences. In Arcachon, I'd say it was about 90% of the students that took the train to school along with me (my host mother sorted the ticket out and drove us to the station most mornings. A few times one of her friends, also hosting a fellow student, picked us up). It was EXTREMELY FUN! I felt like a French local (we even sneaked into first class once, but it wasn't even a big deal).
The other students there were extremely friendly as well, and most of them spoke strong English too! And as for the city, it was so clean and nice, and it seems all the parents were more than happy to cooperate in pick-up times for us, as some days we wanted to stay a little later.
It was sad leaving, but I still keep in touch with my host family, and all the many friends I made. We have agreed to meet in the future again; the only problem is they are all kind of close to each other in Europe and I am on the furthest side of the US!
I strongly recommend going through with the program. PLEASE contact me if your iffy or doubtful, or just want to talk about the program. My email is torresnoah@gmail.com.
I am SOOOO happy I took the risk AND I really hope you do too!!!!!!

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Some of the students in my class were a bit rowdy and wouldn't let the teacher teach with ease, at least at times; however, I realize this issue lies with CEI, or a client of theirs. It would still be helpful if Greenheart travel could see to that.