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Accommodation for the entire program
3 meals a day
15 hours of language classes per week
Daily Cultural Activities & Excursions
Arrival orientation and language level placement test
Airport pickup and drop off in France
Medical and accident insurance
24-hour emergency assistance
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Feb 01, 2022
Aug 28, 2019
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About Program

Always dreamed of learning French while exploring iconic cities like Paris and Bordeaux? Now is your chance to experience the culture of France while perfecting your language skills with fellow students from around the world.

You will have the choice of attending a language camp in Arcachon (near Bordeaux)

This give you the opportunity to learn French through full language immersion through structured classes and exciting excursions.

-15 morning classes a week (3 classes per day for 50 minutes each)
-Classes are taught by native French teachers who specialize in teaching French as a foreign language
-Live with a local host family for full cultural immersion

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Program Highlights

  • 15 hours of language classes per week
  • Medical Insurance and 24/7 Emergency Contact Support included
  • Assistance from a personal program manager before, during and after your program
  • Meals and accommodation included in the program
  • Enjoy daily cultural excursions and activities as part of your French language course

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  • Growth 4.75
  • Support 4.75
  • Fun 4.75
  • Housing 5
  • Safety 5
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Experience, Highly Recommend It

Honestly, the trip wasn't anything like I expected, which is actually a good thing. The days were truly great and action filled, and the other kids were really fun and cool to hang out with. The morning classes weren't too hard nor too easy, just a good fit in between. The daily excursions were one of the best parts, and there was plenty of free time to explore and truly feel like you live in France. I felt safe throughout the whole trip, and you're never put in any sort of danger. The Host Family is one of the best parts. My host mother was so kind and caring, and her two dogs really made the stay a lot better. Whenever I was around another host family, the kids would always make my day. The food is good, but you're never really hungry until the end of the day because of how long each day lasts, which really just added to the whole experience. All the monuments and tourist attractions you get to see are really great, and there are tons of picturesque places no matter where you are in France. The cities where the host families lived were peaceful and quiet, a good break from the bustling Paris at the end of the day. And I do feel that my French has improved, and it's much easier to understand and speak the language then before I went on the trip. So overall, I really do recommend it, and besides a few nitpicky things I'm not going to complain about, it was pretty much perfect.

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Yes, I recommend this program


Hello, Viewer! I shall try to keep this short and sweet...at least to the best of my ability.
So Im Noah, 16 years old, and a Junior in High School. I completed a two week language-camp in Arcachon, France. I was stuck with one year of French in school after the instructor retired and I was eager to get credit for a second. My Father had been encouraging me to go through with this program for a different reason, however: for a nice experience. He was very supportive and I was nervous and doubtful beyond belief. I was worrying about the smallest details in making the decision to go or not, then I decided to "jump off the bridge and build the plane on the way down," as it were. I knew that, without all those tiny stressors I was thinking about, an experience such as this was bound to be fun and fruitful all around.
So, I told my dad I'd do it; I was still nervous, and still anxious, but I found a comfort in knowing the decision was irrevocable. In the couple months I had before Summer, I realized how trivial the little problems were; TSA trouble, Airport maneuvering, Family introduction. Ha, I laugh at myself now.
I got to France and the family was so welcoming. Greenheart Travel did in amazing job in placing me with respect to my preferences. In Arcachon, I'd say it was about 90% of the students that took the train to school along with me (my host mother sorted the ticket out and drove us to the station most mornings. A few times one of her friends, also hosting a fellow student, picked us up). It was EXTREMELY FUN! I felt like a French local (we even sneaked into first class once, but it wasn't even a big deal).
The other students there were extremely friendly as well, and most of them spoke strong English too! And as for the city, it was so clean and nice, and it seems all the parents were more than happy to cooperate in pick-up times for us, as some days we wanted to stay a little later.
It was sad leaving, but I still keep in touch with my host family, and all the many friends I made. We have agreed to meet in the future again; the only problem is they are all kind of close to each other in Europe and I am on the furthest side of the US!
I strongly recommend going through with the program. PLEASE contact me if your iffy or doubtful, or just want to talk about the program. My email is torresnoah@gmail.com.
I am SOOOO happy I took the risk AND I really hope you do too!!!!!!

What would you improve about this program?
The only negative thing I experienced really was the absence of my travel counselor (in that she was preoccupied) for some time while I was abroad, BUT, once there, I really didn't need anything from them. It would have just been a problem if I had needed something, but even then there is more staff to help.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Life as a Student in Paris

Hello! I was the Global Explorer Scholarship winner for the France Teen Summer Language Camp and life as a student in Paris was everything I dreamed of yet nothing like I could've anticipated. My day typically consisted of taking language class in the morning, thinking about how to order gelato in French in the afternoon, and sleeping very well at night. The ability to experience the culture of France was thrilling, educational, beautiful, and even a bit overwhelming at moments. Classes took place from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on weekdays. The group next would hop on the metro, follow through with the excursion on the itinerary, have a couple of hours to explore during free time, and then we went home to have dinner with our host family. In class, we were separated into groups of beginning, intermediate, and advanced language proficiency. However, we all remained in the same classroom so there didn't feel like a divide between levels, and we were able to interact with each other consistently. There are also some students from WEP (World Education Program) who are a part of our group. We went through lessons by using workbooks, speaking out loud, and conversing with each other. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner was provided by our host family and if you wanted anything else you could get them at the supermarket on the way home or out on excursions. My host mother and our group's director were absolutely wonderful. We were given free time to explore our host city, mine was Bondoufle, which was about an hour away from Paris on the metro. It is a very fast-paced, adventure packed program. Everyday was very exciting. From the Louvre to the Champs Elyseés to the Arc de Triomphe, I could look forward to taking the metro to a new adventure every day. I also must say that my entire experience with the Greenheart Travel group of teens was one huge favorite moment. From the moment the group met, we clicked and by approximately day three it was like we had known each other for years. It was truly special and made my Paris language camp experience even greater. It was awesome to learn about Belgium and Ecuador from girls who live there, and to meet other kids from all over the States. This trip has fostered in me an electric curiosity and the traveling bug has most definitely bit me. I can’t thank Greenheart Travel enough for making this trip even a possibility for me.

What would you improve about this program?
This was an out of this world amazing experience. The only things that might've made it better would have been being able to stay out longer than 5:30 p.m. on normal days and having the language classes be a bit more intensive.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best 2 weeks of my life!!!

Traveling abroad with Greenheart Travel was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The two weeks abroad in France were both incredible and I had a blast completely immersing myself in a different language and culture. I feel like I changed so much mentally and physically (definitely more buff from all the walking) from my time in France. It’s such a rewarding feeling- taking the skills we learn in textbooks and utilizing them in the real world. It feels surreal. From purchasing a train ticket à la gare de La Hume to asking about the oldest church in La Teste, my French skills came to life and gave all those verb conjugations and French vocabulary cards meaning. I was fortunate enough to live with a wonderful host mom who is one of the most kind people I’ve ever met. In the morning she would always ask if I slept well, wanted to know about my day when we came back from school, she drove my host brother and I to get ice cream and to watch the sun set (which was my favorite memory from this trip). I am still in contact with her and email her regularly. The school was challenging, as I was placed in the most advanced group (I had 3 years of high school French prior to this), but was equally as rewarding. The camp was a ton of fun most days, but a couple times our afternoon activity would be badminton in the park or volleyball at the beach, which was fun for a few hours, but could get boring. Luckily, I was surrounded by other teenagers my age from around the world. I didn’t expect to become such close companions with kids halfway across the globe from the United States, but I am so grateful and happy to have met them. We became inseparable; we shared food with each other, lent each other bathroom money practically daily, and compared our cultural differences. I was able to use the “tu” (informal) form with them and practice lots of French, as well as learn words and phrases in Swiss-German, German, Italian, and Chinese. I taught them the word “hella” which they found hilarious, but is actually a very commonly used, colloquial word in California. This trip actually helped me solidify my choice on declaring my major as French in college! I'm currently in the process of applying for colleges, and I am considering studying abroad in college because of my amazing experiences I had in France this summer. I would highly recommend this program.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Greenheart Language Camp in Paris

My experience in Paris was one I will never forget. I met some wonderful people who will remain in my mind and heart forever, and I saw some beautiful monuments in and around Paris. One of my favorite memories about camp was going to Sacre-Coeur the first day out in Paris. It was my first experience with the metro in Paris and the street life in Paris, so it was an eye opening opportunity in that respect. The church was pretty and the weather was sunny, so the day was perfect for sight-seeing (minus the heat and humidity). After seeing the gorgeous inside of the church, I got to experience more city life as one of the guides took me on an adventure to find a French SIM card for my phone. After finding my SIM card, I got a crepe and then called my mom from Sacre-Coeur while eating a crepe and it was amazing! I also bought some Starbucks with some new friends, and it was a great bonding experience.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A Great Summer

This is a great program if you want to explore various parts of Paris and French culture while learning the language. The whole experience is packed with activities from day one, so there is never much time to feel bored or homesick. One experience that was particularly memorable was seeing the fireworks at the Eiffel Tower on Bastille Day (July 14th). Alongside seeing all the big attractions like the Notre Dame and Versailles, we also saw a variety of attractions such as a famous cemetery and old neighbourhoods which you wouldn't typically think of when you think Paris. Don't be scared off by the sample itinerary posted on the website, as there are never full activity days at the residence and the only group activities are fun nightly games. I went with a friend, and while it made the entire experience significantly more fun and enjoyable, it didn't stop us from making good friends and socializing with everyone. However, if you're unused to being abroad and away from home, I would recommend bringing a friend to make the entire experience even more memorable. There were a variety of cultures present, but most of the kids were American and Spanish. Although there were occasional language and cultural barriers, we all spent the trip sharing various things about our own countries which made for an interesting mix. There was also another camp going on at the same time as ours, and we sometimes had activities with them. The guides were fun and flexible, they accompanied us everywhere whilst still giving us free time everywhere we went, and even allowed us to go out for dinner. Some of them only spoke little English, which sometimes made communication difficult, but also made for a great opportunity to practice French. They were also not Parisian, which sometimes made navigation through the city difficult, but we survived the whole trip without any major mishaps. The food at the residence was very good. While it was cantine-style and nothing fancy, there was a variety of meals throughout the trip, with lots of local cheeses and fish. Keeping an open mind is important. The French classes were also good. We had proper professors who came in to teach us every morning, and my teacher used the time to teach little things and review concepts we'd gotten wrong as a class on our placement tests. This was very helpful and effective, as 2 weeks isn't really enough time to fully cover any major new concepts. We also spent the time writing and putting on a skit which was a lot of fun.

One thing to note that doesn't seem to be clear is that we were not actually in France with Greenheart themselves, but with a French agency titled CEI (Centre d'Exchanges Internationaux). This did not pose a problem in any way, as the two agencies are partnered, but was merely confusing when it came to details such as airport pickup.

What would you improve about this program?
Although we mostly had lunch at the residence right after class, we often had picnics for dinner, and for lunch as well on occasion. They consisted of store-bought sandwiches and other little snacks. They were tasty and filling, but they were very redundant and we got sick of them quickly. However, the guides allow you to go grocery shopping if you just ask, so make sure to bring extra cash if you would like to buy some extra snacks or eat out once in a while. It really is worth it to experience more of the local food, although often pricey.
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Yes, I recommend this program

C'etait inoubliable!!

if u want to have fun choose this program. food is nice. friends are nice. paris is nice. i was happy to have attended here and at first being the only indian there i was a little shy but then when i got to know everyone there, i made friends arond the world and apart from french i learned a little spanish and german. I needed this to go well and it went better than i had ever expected and if i were asked to do it all over gain i would do it gladly!! my trip was perfect you can see my pictures on: marcherlemonde.tumblr.com

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Yes, I recommend this program

Paris C'est Mon Favori!

Summer of 2013 was the most memorable summer of all time! Greenheart Travel offered the bet experience. The trips, the morning classes and the overall experience was amazing. The day would start off in the morning, with breakfast, then going back upstairs to our rooms and grab our stuff to go to class! Class consisted of a small group of international French leathers, with a 20 minute break halfway through. We would walk back to the residence (which was like not even 2 city blocks) and have lunch. Afterwards, we would have like downtime to get ready for our daily escursion! We would wait her take lunch with us, or return on time for dinner. After dinner we would have nightly activities at the residence which you could participate in, or hang out with your new friends! Overall, great experience.

What would you improve about this program?
The food wasn't all to satisfying. You have the option of asking a leader to make a trip to "la supermarche" with other students to buy your own food.
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Questions & Answers

You actually can go as only a beginner because they have different classes at different levels. But I went after just having finished French 3 myself and I managed in the highest level just fine, so you'll do great! And the spoken French flows naturally after only a few days.