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Never having been anywhere across the Atlantic before -let alone outside the U.S- it would only make sense that I was nervous, uncertain, and hesitant to study abroad in a foreign country (Cape Town, South Africa). However, writing this now, two months after I have returned from an eight week awe-inspiring journey, I can say that not only am I more confident and eager to travel outside the confines of 'home', but my perception of myself and my relation to this world has all become much more clear to me. I can not thank iXperience and the entire team enough. The truly are pushing and working toward revolutionizing what it means to get a meaningful and effective education.
So, what does iXperience mean to me? The summer program provides not only a unique and engaging social and educational experience, but it allows the chance for one to step out of their comfort zone and partake in life-changing, riveting moments that they will take with them for many years. I took the Product Management (PM) course at iXperience despite not having much prior experience (I researched PM prior and really wanted to learn more about it and where it can fit in with society today). At the beginning of the eight weeks, the only thing I knew about PM was that it is the 'job of managing a product'. Quite the research I did, yes? Well now, I can easily and without hesitation elaborate on what PM really, truly means. It is a very dynamic area of entrepreneurship that really entails a belief in a product and the perseverance and tenacity to communicate and share that belief to the world (consumers, takers, businesses). With a product, one must roadmap, create it, bring it life, and confirm with a consumer population - that being a certain market- whether this product is desirable.
An aspect of iXperience that I loved was how during the week I would work on developing a highly intelligent and revolutionary driving safety app named Gilda, and come the weekend, I would be swimming with the world's most famous predator, the Great White Shark (FYI- those creatures are bigger than you think)!!! Every day you experience something new, something eye-opening. You gain a new perspective on the most detailed of things- things you would never have noticed before. For instance, there is you in the world. You have the opportunity to lead your life the way you want. To get where you want, you need to connect with people. Make yourself known, for your mouth is the door to your future, and your words are the keys to unlock it!
iXperience is more than just an experience. It is a moment in time where you are able to stop and think to yourself as to how lucky you are to be somewhere so cool, so far away from home... but yet you find yourself at home... at peace.
I can not compliment nor share enough of my gratitude for iXperience. I have visited the beautiful mountaintops of Table Mountain (one of the few wonders of this world), and the humbling local townships where I got the opportunity to meet its people and partake in beautiful cultural dances. That said, I still can not believe how lucky I am to have come across a referral link last year to iXperience's website. Thanks to iXperience, not only am I more prepared and open-minded to where I want to go/be in my future, but I simply feel like a better more improved version of myself!

What would you improve about this program?
Anything improves itself in time! The team of iXperience has done a great job. Keep it up!
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