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In general, I consider it a nice experience to take part in the EP internship program.

I was pleased to be a intern in the Office MEP Babara Matera, as I am mostly interested in the issues of gender equality while Ms Matera is exactly the Vice-Chair of the Committee on Women's Right and Gender Equality. Thanks to the open atmosphere of European Parliament, I was free to audit almost all the meetings interesting me. In the process of listening to the thought-provoking statements and the heated debates, I gradually widen my knowledge and enrich my thoughts.

Another big lesson for me was the awareness of my shortcomings: lack of professional experiences, unqualified language skill, introverted personality, etc. Painful as it was, I must admit that the six-week internship made me realize the fact that I was still far from the person I wanted to be, and therefore I should keep struggling.

Apart from work, the sojourn in Brussels was also a delight to me. Famous for its international diversity, Brussels may be the best city to explore multiple cultures. For me Brussels was also the kindest foreign city where I hardly felt the sense of exclusion which was always with me during my sojourn abroad.

What would you improve about this program?
It's a pity that I had never met my MEP, let alone communicate with her. Besides, I was much less busy than I had imagined. Although many may think it's great to be free, I wish I had undertaken more work. After all, I was there to improve myself.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed

Provider Response

Thank you Fengting for your kind words, I am delighted that you enjoyed the experience and felt like you fit in. Moving to a different continent for some time is a huge source of learning, so congrats on your great attitude!
I'm sorry you didn't get to meet your MEP, it's true that some officials prefer to work from a distance, but I chose her office for you because it's very active on the topic of Women's rights which you are passionate about .
Good to hear back from you after the experience, good luck with your grad school application, I hope my recommendation helps!