China changed my life

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In the other side of the world there are million of possibilities, and reasons that make us feel excited and nervous, maybe because we know that China will change something in us. Between millions of people we open our eyes, learning and trying to understand thousands of random things that happen everyday. I am Arlin Medrano, I am Mexican, and China changed my life. Not only because I have more stamps in my passports or because I know now how to use chopsticks, and say 你好 but because I find an ancient culture that have been in earth for centuries having also the most advanced Tecnology in the world, between an old temple and a crystal tower I understand that China is about contrast.

I life in Shanghai with two beautiful kids that make my life more beautiful, and my experience of adaptability more easy. In this four months I had been traveling to Singapore, Maldives, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan. This have been not just learning about China but a important part of Asia, I have been traveling with my family and by myself. This is more than a trip, is a part of your life you will tell with a deep breath.

Thanks Wanderlust.

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