Building towards sustainability

Impact: 9
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Value: 9
Safety: 9

I've came to Eco Caminhos in the fall of 2017 and stayed for three months. I would have stayed longer if the visum had permitted it! During this time I've learned a lot about eco-contruction and permaculture, I made new friends, took in the smashing surroundings and generally had a blast!

For me, going back to a more basic form of life has really done me well. It helped me reconnect to the things in life that are really important to me. Meeting people, social interaction without a social media interaction layer in between ;). You could say it helped me realise that in life, we get surrounded with a lot of useless and pointless extra bagage and luxery we really don't need, and actually don't want for the most part. It was refreshing and inspiring to spend my energy on concrete and meaningfull activities like working on building our eco guest lodge, working in the gardens to grow our own food etc. Being out in nature, taking in the smashing views while working with your hands, really helps to clear the mind and just enjoy the moment. Hiking in the beautiful surroundings was ammazing aswell and worthwhile cities to visit like Rio the Janeiro, Búzios etc. are all in reach with decently organised public transportation.

My goal was to have a break of my regular job in health care, experience something new and learn new things like eco building techniques. During my stay I got so excited about the work, I decided to change things around when i'd go back to Holland. And so i did. I decided to take on a new career and am now working in construction, planning to steer my newfounded company in the direction of some form of eco construction!

I havent had much experiences like this that really set me on a new path, I guese you could say the experience has been life changing for me!

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