Great Academics with Easily Ability to Travel!

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As a junior, I was limited to only four classes that I could take abroad, and UCD was the ONLY school that my home university let me transfer all four classes from. In all honesty, that was the reason I chose to study at UCD, as culturally it's not a great fit for me. I love the convenience and liveliness of a big city, and Dublin feels quite small and UCD is far from city center. Despite this, I spent most of my weekends traveling (I was able to have a 5 day weekend with my schedule), which was amazing. I think I've visited 9 different countries in the 12 weeks I've been here. The school also provides ample opportunities to travel around Ireland for free, going to Galway, Belfast, and other attractions.

In terms of academics, for such a large school, I have felt very supported by advisors and administration. It took a little while to get used to the class sizes, which can be five times bigger than classes at my home university, but they're pretty easy to adjust to. And it can be easy to skip lectures, but most of my lecturers were fairly interesting and engaging!

Finally, I think my favorite memory, and proudest accomplishment, since coming over here was driving on the left side of the road along the western coast. As an American, I was so nervous about driving, but it was pretty easy. We did see a double rainbow over the Cliffs of Moher, so maybe that gave me some luck while driving!

What would you improve about this program?
I wish there were more social programs early in orientation week for students who are coming here not knowing anyone. The hardest thing about making friends here was that it seemed like everyone already knew each other. Many other study abroad students came here with their friends, and the Irish students are locals who went to school with many of their same peers. Also the INIS appointment registration was awful for so many international students. As such a large organization with a huge international student population, I found it odd that UCD didn't have a better (or any) program in place with the immigration services. I have other friends studying in mainland Europe, and their schools provided a program (or at least some support) with immigration services to expedite the process. Wish there was more structure and help around the immigration process for UCD students.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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