BEST experience of my life, I never wanted to leave!!

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

Vets Go Wild was the best experience of my life! Working with lions, rhinos, giraffes, and multiple species of antelope was a dream come true. I value this experience more than anything so far as a veterinary student. It was the most hands on learning I have had and I learnt so much from the Ikhala veterinary team in only 2 weeks. I made friends from all over the world because we shared this emotional life changing thrill of our lives in South Africa. This experience made me realize how much is involved with conservation and the responsibility veterinarian’s have to contribute to endangered animals. Veterinarians are the key, a crucial role, for wildlife to be in our future. I think that is the most amazing role in life to lead. It was truely a once in a lifetime experience to meet and learn from Dr. William Fowlds and the Ikhala team who are on the front lines of conservation every single day. It has inspired me to hopefully take on that same role as a future veterinarian!

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Yes, I would
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